10 Ways to Use Stickers For Your Packaging

Packaging sells the product. It’s something every marketer learns on their first day on the job. Or their first day in marketing school, whichever comes first. Now, there are many people who will tell you that packaging is less important today. After all, people order a lot of their stuff online nowadays, which means they only get to see the packaging once it arrives on their doorstep. In other words, packaging definitely does not matter. Did you hear the loud snort of derision at the naiveté of those people? We’re pretty sure you did. Maybe once upon a time it was almost only the packaging that sold the product. Nowadays, many more elements contribute to that sale. However, you can be certain that unattractive packaging will do you know favors, even if you’re selling online. No matter how awesome the product is, you send it to a customer in poor packaging, you can bet they are not going to be ordering from you again. And remember, packaging isn’t just about the label on the bottle, even though that’s essential too. It’s about so much more. Read on to discover 10 ways in which die cut stickers can help you create stunning packaging, even if you’re on a ridiculously small budget.

Die Cut Stickers for the Ultimate in Budget Packaging

You have a great product and you’ve sunk all your savings into creating it so you can’t afford swanky packaging. At the same time, you know how important it is. You can’t just send your products out in generic bags or boxes. With die cut stickers you can make the packaging of your product look attractive and professional without spending a fortune. Buy generic boxes or bags in bulk and affix a die cut sticker to personalize it and make it look amazing. It’s a good thing that simple is the way to go nowadays when it comes to packaging.

Using Sticker for Bottle Labels

If your product is packaged in a bottle, the easiest approach to a professional looking design is to use die cut stickers. They’re cost-effective, easy to apply, and look downright awesome. There’s also the major advantage that you can personalize them precisely because they’re so cost-effective. Think about it. How pleased would a customer be to receive a bottle of product with their name printed on the label. Because that’s something you can easily do with die cut stickers.

Straight On the Product Labels

Some products don’t need to be packaged in a box or a bottle. Or any other form of packaging for that matter. However, you do want people to know who created the product, and a die cut sticker is the perfect option. Just make sure to choose an area to affix it to that won’t compromise the product. And, of course, you want it to look awesome because you want people to keep purchasing your product. After all, you have to show the same care for everything, including the label.

Box Seals

A common misconception is that packaging stops with the actual box the product is put into. In today’s world, where many products are shipped straight to the client, that is no longer true. And any opportunity to impress customers while increasing brand exposure is not one to be missed. That’s why using die cut stickers as box seals is a genius move. A sticker with your logo to seal the box you are sending a customer not only makes you look much more professional, but it also ensures lots of other people can see your logo, thereby increasing brand exposure.

Tissue Seals

Some products lend themselves to being wrapped in tissue before being packaged in the final box. If you just put tissue in there, you are wasting a valuable opportunity to attract further attention to your brand. So, consider using die cut stickers to seal said tissue. It will look a lot more professional and offer an air of luxury, even if it is a highly cost-effective approach to impress your customers. And the more you impress your customers, the easier it will be to build loyalty.

Stickers for Classy Packaging

Nothing screams luxury like high quality stickers, despite the fact that they are incredibly cost-effective. So, create interesting sticker, like embossed or metallic versions, to make your customers feel as if they are receiving an amazingly luxurious product. Even if you aren’t selling gold-flecked soap, it still creates a good impression that customers will remember. And when customers are impressed, that’s when they spend their money more freely.

Return Packaging or Envelope Stickers

Sometimes your product lends itself to including return packaging. Like water testing kits which need to be returned for the water to actually be tested. Or you might want to offer your customers the option to get in touch with you by snail mail. It might sound ludicrous but people still love sending letters, even if email is the way to go nowadays. Instead of being impersonal about it, include die cut stickers people can use to seal return boxes or envelopes. And don’t be surprised if they opt to save the stickers rather than using them for their intended purpose.

Single Package Design, Multiple Products

You have multiple products. They could be variations of the same product or completely different ones. However, you either get them made to order or you simple can’t afford to get different packaging made for each one. Thankfully, with die cut stickers, that’s not a problem. Just get the same packaging made in bulk and use die cut stickers to differentiate, which is a highly cost-effective approach to looking professional, from your products to your packaging.

Use Stickers for Reusable Packaging

If you’ve designed your packaging for people to throw away, then you are wasting an opportunity. A great way to get people to increase brand exposure is by offering reusable packaging. Things like bags that people can reuse are great options. And all you have to do is attach a die cut sticker to make it look professional and introduce other people to your brand.

Use Die Cut Stickers to Stand Out

By varying up the packaging for your product, you will make a great impression on your customers. This is a great idea for products people order regularly because it gives you a great opportunity to stand out and impress your customers. All you have to do is be a little more creative and think about what your customers would love to see. Need stickers now? Buy die cut stickers here.