5 Applications for Die-Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers have a wide range of applications, being as effective for businesses as they are in our personal lives. People love stickers, likely because they allow us to let our inner kids out to play without it being socially unacceptable. And this is precisely why stickers have so many applications. Whether you’re trying to gain more exposure for your new brand, are trying to raise awareness for a cause, or just want to make people happy, you can’t go wrong with die cut stickers.

Increase Brand Exposure

Sticker marketing is a highly cost-effective and efficient way of increasing brand exposure. It’s also a great way to build customer loyalty on a budget, which really makes die cut stickers a powerful tool for any business. Surprisingly, stickers are one of those things that even if you just print your logo on them, they’ll still be received with pleasure rather than a disdainful snort that you’re trying to advertise. Of course, if you really want to gain serious traction, then get creative and design stickers that your target market will love. Own a pet store? A bunch of custom stickers with cute puppies and kittens will have your target market jumping for joy. Run a pizza place? Take pictures of the different pizzas you make and turn them into stickers. They’ll be fun but will also get your target market drooling every time they look at them. You can even take things a step further and turn it into a competition. Print different designs and get people to collect them. Whoever succeeds in completing the collection can win a prize – which can even be something as simple as another sticker.

Raise Awareness for a Cause

Are you passionate about saving the earth? Or maybe you’ve dedicated yourself to improving the lives of veterans? Maybe you’ve thrown your all behind the ASPCA. Whatever cause you’re passionate about, die cut stickers are an excellent way to raise awareness and remind people of the importance of what you’re fighting for. Flyers are all well and good, but they usually end up in the garbage. However, people don’t throw away stickers. They have a higher perceived value than a flyer and people tend to keep them. If they’re attractive, or carry messages they agree with, they’ll go as far as to put them on their personal property. So, if you’re trying to save the earth, print stickers with advice on living a greener lifestyle, for example. The more useful stickers are, the more people will take notice of them. And, of course, the more attractive they are, the more likely people are to display them, which is exactly what you want to happen to raise awareness for your cause. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they are highly cost-effective and generate many more impressions than many other forms of marketing.

Remind People of an Important Event

You’re getting married in a few months, or you’re celebrating your anniversary, or there’s some other important event. You can send out simple invitations, of course, but you can also be a little more creative and send out custom die cut stickers that people can keep as a reminder. Let’s be honest, most people have very hectic lives and remembering an event that’s months away isn’t always easy. Even with all the gadgets that are part of our daily lives. So, instead of relying on someone’s smartphone to remind them of your upcoming event, include a sticker with the invitation. People can then put them on their calendar and will be able to see at a glance that they have an important event to attend. But just in case they don’t have a calendar displayed in their home, make sure to include the date of the event. That way, people can put it up on a whiteboard or some other place, like their fridge, to remind them that your event is definitely one they shouldn’t miss.

Party Favors

It’s your birthday, or you’re throwing a graduation party, or you’re marking any other important event in your life, and you want to thank the people celebrating with you in some shape or form. Unfortunately, you don’t have a massive budget, so you can’t go all out with party favors. Die cut stickers are the perfect option because they are inexpensive but have a high perceived value. When someone receives stickers as a gift, their inner kid comes out to play, which means they stop thinking of monetary value and just enjoy the moment. So, you can get a bunch of fun die cut stickers printed for very little investment, but everyone will remember your party for years to come, especially since they’ll be displaying those stickers on everything from their laptops to their refrigerators. And no one will be snidely thinking that you’re cheap because they won’t care. They’ll have too much fun.

Holiday Gift Packaging

You spend every year thinking up the perfect gifts to send out to family and friends for the holidays. Of course, you make them yourself every year because it’s just more fun like that. Last year, you sent out your famous chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, the year before that it was a homemade sugar scrub, and the year before that it was jam. This year, you’re considering a peppermint brownie mix. But you want to add a little more pizazz to the packaging than previous years, but you don’t have a huge budget. Die cut stickers are the perfect solution. You can get any design you like printed for a very small investment and then apply them to the jars. Even better, instead of sticking them on, just include them as part of the gift and that way people will be able to enjoy the holiday cheer and remember your thoughtful gift long after the holidays are over. Die cut stickers have a wide range of applications. They can be an effective marketing tool for businesses, but can also help raise awareness for important causes without spending a fortune. They can also be used in our personal lives to bring a little extra joy to the people we care about. There are very few things that are quite that versatile, especially considering how cost-effective they are.