5 Reasons You Should Be Using Die-Cut Stickers to Market Your Brand

Stickers have become an increasingly popular way for brands to increase their exposure, build relationships with customers, and generate more sales. They have a significant advantage over other promotional channels in that people don’t perceive them as advertising, regardless of what’s printed on the sticker. However, to generate the best results possible, die-cut stickers are your best bet. Read on to find out why.

Die-Cut Stickers Stand Out

Die-cut stickers stand out more than other stickers because of their shape, which is essential when you want to capture someone’s attention. Most people will only glance quickly at a sticker, meaning that you have less than a few seconds to get their attention. You can be certain that a die-cut sticker will be able to do that more effectively than a standard sticker. The shape alone draws the eye to it, and sparks enough curiosity for someone to take a closer look. For example, the jar below is definitely going to draw people’s attention faster than if it were a simple rectangular sticker. It’s also easier to convey your message. For example, if you run a hotel on the beach, a surfboard-shaped sticker will immediately get people thinking about the beach. No one will be confused about the location of your hotel, either. Or if you own a café, a sticker shaped like a cup of coffee will immediately clue people into what you do, even before they take a closer look at the message printed on the sticker.

Die-Cut Stickers Look Professional

Stickers are already a pretty low-cost advertising vehicle, but when you opt for die-cut stickers, you give the air of professionalism. In other words, you send the message that you don’t mind investing a little extra to offer people something of good quality. And that’s precisely how people perceive stickers. They don’t consider them an ad tool. Instead, when you hand them out, they think of them as a gift. So, if you go for cheap stickers, they’ll think you’re cheap and won’t be quite as impressed with your brand. Conversely, a die-cut sticker sends the message that you want to make your future and existing customers happy and that you aren’t afraid of spending a little extra to do so. Most people will, of course, translate this to your overall brand. In other words, your brand is willing to go the extra mile to offer a great customer experience. And this will earn you their loyalty much quicker. For example, the stickers in the photo below have a simple design, which is great for a dispensary. But sometimes a simple design isn’t enough and people think you are cheap. However, these stickers are saved from mediocrity by their really cool shape.

Die-Cut Stickers Will Get You More Exposure

When you go out next time, look around and see what types of stickers people are most likely to put on their personal items. You’ll find that die-cut stickers tend to rule the roost. Space on personal items is at a premium, so people will choose to display stickers that they think look cool and really resonate with them. And few things look quite as cool as quality die-cut stickers. So, if you want to have a better chance of your sticker being put in a prominent place on someone’s personal items, then you need to invest in die-cut stickers. Don’t forget that when someone puts your sticker on their laptop, for example, they aren’t the only ones who will see it. Everyone else who is in their vicinity when they are using their laptop will also see your sticker.

Die-Cut Stickers Will Gain You a Competitive Advantage

It might sound silly, but when you give out stickers, you’re actually competing with other brands for the attention of your customers. And in this case, everyone else is your competition. You want people to remember your brand, and the easiest way for that to happen is for your sticker to be placed somewhere where your customers will see it all the time. Space like the front of fridge, mirrors, frequently used binders, laptops, and on other personal items is at a premium. There isn’t a lot of it, so you have to make sure your sticker looks better than everyone else’s so you can make the grade. Die-cut stickers are much more attractive than plain stickers, which will increase your likelihood of getting your sticker put up in a prominent place. And this will skyrocket your impressions, i.e. the number of times someone sees your sticker. The more frequently they see your sticker, the more cemented your brand will become. For example, the stickers featured in the photograph are more likely to end up on someone’s fridge or laptop because they are interesting and attractive. They draw they eye and they’re fun. And that’s what people want from their stickers.

Die-Cut Stickers Allow for More Creativity

In the same vein of creating an uber-attractive sticker that everyone will want to get hold of, die-cut stickers naturally allow for more creativity. It’s true that you can’t go overboard because if the edges of the design are too complex, cutting them out won’t be an option. However, because you can play with the shape as well as the printed design, there are many more creative options than with standard stickers. And the more attractive you make your stickers, the more likely it is that people will pass them around to friends and family, which will definitely work in your favor. Die-cut stickers are a great way to build the image of a brand that cares about it’s customers. They show that you are willing to invest to make your customers happy, even though that investment is minimal. The important aspect is the perception of your customers. With die-cut stickers, you can also be certain of more exposure and impressions than with any other type of sticker. Due to their attractiveness, you have a much better chance at beating out the competition when it comes to the premium ad space on people’s personal items.