5 Ways to Enhance Your Packaging With Stickers

With all the work you’ve been doing, like marketing your website and products, ensuring you’re offering great customer service, and all the other responsibilities that are part of running a business, forgetting the importance of packaging isn’t unusual. Packaging stickers are the answer! However, you are wasting an amazing opportunity, especially if you’re shipping your products in plain and an interesting packaging. The better the quality of your packaging, and the more engaging it is, the more your customers will appreciate it. In fact, many find that makes your brand look more upscale, and makes the more excited about getting the package. It also reinforces the idea that the product was worth the cost. Of course, you might not be able to go all out and get fancy packaging made, but you can still improve what you already have with an inexpensive solution, namely stickers. Here are five ways you can use stickers to enhance your packaging.

Use Stickers as Inserts

Inserts have been shown to increase word-of-mouth, loyalty, subsequent order sizes, and much more. Stickers make for excellent inserts because they have a high perceived value and people simply like them. A well-designed, attractive die-cut sticker will have a significant impact on your customers and will definitely go over better than something like a simple business card. Furthermore, seeing as people tend to display stickers they like on their personal belongings, you can make sure that your brand is front and center in your customers’ minds at all times.

Use Stickers to Customize Boxes

If you can’t afford to get custom boxes made, stickers are a great alternative. they are cost-effective but will set your packaging apart, so it doesn’t look like every other box your customers receive. This will make your customers feel as if they are doing business with a professional company and will create an awesome first impression, which is priceless as it will help build loyalty. Furthermore, if your customers frequently film themselves unboxing the products they receive and then post the clips on YouTube, having a sticker with your brand displayed prominently is a good way to get a little additional brand exposure. And it will also impress other potential customers that even your packaging is of excellent quality.

Use Stickers to Keep Your Packaging Fresh

If you run the type of business where people are frequently ordering your products, then changing up the packaging to keep things interesting is the smart approach. However, it’s also an expensive one. The solution, of course, is to use stickers. After all, they’re incredibly cost-effective, allowing you to print different versions regularly. So, get creative and think about what your customers would love to see, and get them printed. Just make sure to keep a record of what stickers you sent to which customer so that you can keep rotating them and really make sure your customers are impressed with your fresh packaging. For those ultra-amazing customers – you know, the ones that spend a lot of money with your business – consider getting personalized stickers printed for them. It will be a pleasant surprise and will definitely earn you their loyalty. Of course, you might not want to affix these personalized stickers to the box, and instead provide them as a gift in the packaging.

Make Your Packaging Look More Upscale Using Stickers

Everyone wants to feel as if they’ve ordered a luxury product, even if that’s not quite true. However, you can still give them a similar experience by making your packaging seem more upscale than your customers might expect. You can use stickers in a number of ways to do this. Design an interesting sticker that looks really classy, such as one that features embossed details, or even a metallic one, to give that amazing air of luxury to the package. Even reflective stickers can have an amazing impact because they are incredibly exciting and attractive. You can also include tissue in your packaging, to protect the product if it lends itself to that type of packaging, which will also provide a luxurious experience for customers. And, once again, you can use stickers to seal the tissue, making it look even more professional. Using stickers is a great way to make your brand seem more upscale and offer your customers a more luxurious experience that they will find highly memorable. And this is an outstanding benefit for your company, because the happier your customers are, the easier it is to build loyalty.

Give Your Packaging a Personality

Using stickers to brand your packaging is all well and good, but it’s still a bit boring. Luckily, stickers are inexpensive, so you can get creative. Thus, instead of just stickers with your brand, consider adding a sticker will with a personalized message, even if it’s something simple like “Open Me!” You can use your slogan, but it’s definitely better to include a message order design that appeals to your customer. Anything that makes them smile and gets them even more excited to open the package will definitely be a win for you because it will be incredibly memorable for them. You also look like you made an extra effort to please them and make them feel special, and everyone wants to feel special. This will make them feel as if you care about them, which will earn you their lifelong loyalty. Of course, you also want to make sure that you include at least a few attractive stickers as little gifts in your packaging, as most people will consider them bonuses rather than promotional materials. Make sure to go with something like die-cut stickers, because they have a higher perceived value. Stickers have a wide range of uses and can be invaluable tools in your marketing efforts. There cost-effective, yet have a high impact on your customers, going so far as to build serious loyalty. Using them to enhance your packaging is only common sense. After all, there an inexpensive yet highly effective way to make your packaging stand out, improve brand exposure, and offer your customers an outstanding experience they won’t soon forget.