6 Ways to Use Promotional Stickers for Businesses from Stickerbeat

Stickers are a great way to promote your business because most people don’t perceive them as advertising. In fact, most people really like stickers and when you give them one, even if it just features your brand, they’ll consider it a gift rather than an ad. And people like using stickers, which is where the power of this marketing tool comes in. When someone places a sticker featuring your brand on a personal item, they are telling the rest of the world that they support your brand. Few forms of marketing generate the same level of results that word-of-mouth marketing does, which is why stickers are so powerful. Furthermore, when you are giving out stickers to your customers, you are also promoting loyalty. They feel special because you’re giving them a gift, which will endear your brand to them even more. Below, you’ll find a few more ways to effectively promote your business with stickers.

Include Fun and Interesting Messages

What’s someone more likely to stick on their laptop? A sticker with just your brand on it? Or a sticker with your brand on it that also features a fun, quirky, or even inspirational message? The latter, of course. So, if you want to increase the chances of people using your stickers on their belongings, and getting as many eyeballs on them as possible, get a little more creative than just slapping your brand on them. You could even have stickers printed with blank areas where people could write in their own messages. However, keep in mind that a professionally printed sticker with the message already on there is more likely to get used because it’s more convenient.

Give Out Useful Stickers

People love stickers, so they’ll put them on everything and anything, as long as they like the brand. But what if those stickers were more than just fun ways to spruce up laptops, phones, cars and more? What if they were actually useful? Well, people would be even more likely to use them. While they might not show up everywhere, you can be sure people will remember your brand even better when the stickers you hand out have a useful purpose. For example, you could print attractive labels for organizational purposes that include your brand. People could use them on everything from their jars to their in and out trays at work. Yes, these stickers wouldn’t be seen by as many people, but they are just as effective at keeping your brand front and center for the person using the sticker.

Send Them to Your Customers

When sending out orders, always include a few stickers in the package. Not only will customers love the extra little “gift” – that’s what they will perceive it as and not as a promotional tactic – they will also end up handing them out to friends and family, as long as they’re well designed and attractive. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to make your customers feel special, but also to turn them into advocates. And that’s why you should always include more than one sticker in each package. If your business is service oriented, you can still send out stickers with a thank you card to your best customers. They aren’t all that expensive, and neither will the cost of mailing them be all that high. The result will be very grateful customers who feel valued, which will help build loyalty.

Put Them on your Packaging

Simple packaging is definitely cheaper than getting it specially branded, but it certainly isn’t as effective at promoting brand awareness. Stickers are a great middle ground as they’re much more cost-effective than getting specialty packaging, but they still offer the benefits of more interesting packaging for your customers while promoting your brand. And since stickers can be cut out in a variety of shapes, you can get really creative and get some stunning stickers made that will impress your customers.

Spruce Up Those Store-Front Windows

Store-front windows are valuable promotional real estate that can be used to great effect with some great quality stickers and decals. Whether you’re running a sale, or simply want to let customers know your opening hours, putting up stickers on your windows is a great way of doing it. So, whenever you have a special offer or get new products in, put stickers in your windows to let people know. It’s just as effective at drawing in foot traffic as having someone standing outside handing out flyers.

Put Them on the Floor

Floors aren’t often used as advertising space, which is why placing a series of stickers on the ground is such a great way to draw attention. People won’t be able to help but notice something they’re stepping on, so it’s definitely a great way to promote your brand using stickers and decals. Like with any other type of sticker, the more creative you get, the more you’ll draw people in. You can do things like advertising sales out in the parking lot or sidewalk, with arrows pointing to your store, and more. Regardless of where or how you are using these stickers, remember to always include contact details. At the very minimum, you want to have your web address on the sticker. This way, people who see the sticker and want to learn more about your brand don’t have to go to too much effort to do so. On larger stickers, like those you use in shop windows and on floors, you can even include QR codes, which make things even easier. On those types of stickers, also make sure to include a call-to-action. Where smaller stickers that you send out to customers and hand on the street are more about building brand awareness, large stickers or decals should have a call-to-action so you can increase conversion rates. At Stickerbeat, we offer a wide range of high quality stickers that you can use to easily promote your brand. We even offer a free graphic design service so we can help you turn your highly creative idea into reality. So, get in touch and let us help you promote your brand with stickers.