7 Great Trade Show Ideas

Tradeshows are an amazing opportunity for you to network with other companies in your industry, while also showcasing your products and introducing your services. However, it's important to find a way to differentiate yourself because trade shows are generally packed. So, you need to get creative and find a way to make your display stand out because you will be competing with potentially hundreds of other firms to get the attention of the exact same people. Stickerbeat has 7 great trade show ideas to make your display more attractive and get more people interested in learning about your business.

Use Stickers to Get People to Your Booth

You need to be a little more proactive than just waiting around for people to pass your booth and hope that it catches their eye. Instead, go out into the crowd and hand out stickers with your brand to create awareness. Make sure to encourage people to visit your stand to learn more by promising even more cool giveaways. Stickers are unique in that people really like them and don't consider them promotional materials. They also have a high perceived value, especially if they’re die cut stickers. So, when you hand them out and promise more, the chances of people visiting your stand increase significantly. Of course, you definitely want to brand your stickers, so people know exactly who you are, but also make them fun. That way, when people see other attendees holding your stickers, they’ll be more inclined to search you out, so they can get stickers too.

Take Advantage of the Selfie Craze

Everyone and their grandmother are constantly taking selfies. It’s gotten to the point where people are obsessed, so providing any type of photo opportunity at your booth can entice a lot of people to come visit. Furthermore, taking a photo together will loosen things up and break the ice, making it easier to connect with potential new clients. You can be even smarter by commissioning a photo frame or using a banner is a background that incorporates your brand. You can be even more creative and offer to send the attendee in question the photo as a sticker – this will significantly increase the perceived value of the giveaway -- as long as they provide you with contact details. This will break the ice even further and you'll be providing them with a giveaway that they aren't going to see from many other companies.

Make Your Booth Inviting

No matter what your budget is, make sure that the layout of your stand is such that it invites people in. If you've got a long table separating you from the client, this creates the perception of distance and even opposition. So, avoid physical separation as much as possible, and design a layout that people will find welcoming. You’re better off with a simple interactive kiosk or even a tablet on a couch where you both can sit, rather than a table that creates physical and emotional separation.

Get Creative with Your Giveaways

While you certainly want to provide people with giveaways that they'll keep and that remind them of your brand, you also should consider providing things people actually need while at the tradeshow. For example, everyone needs to charge their phone or mobile device at some point as most attendees are constantly messaging and checking their emails, which tends to drain the power on their devices. So, set up a charging station at your booth and spread the word that visitors can use it freely. You’ll be surprised at the amount of traffic you get. The cool part is that while they're waiting for their device to charge, you can educate them about your business. So, take a moment to think about the last trade show you visited and what would have made your life easier. Free water or coffee? A tote to carry your other giveaways in? A sandwich or a donut? Make a list and decide with your team what would be the most effective option to get people to your booth.

Go High

Floor space is at a premium at trade shows, so the bigger your booth, the more you're going to pay for it. If you can't really afford an overly large booth, a good way to attract attention is by going high. Hanging overhead displays, like a large-scale vinyl banner suspended from the ceiling, will attract people because they'll see it from a distance and will be curious to discover what's under it. Of course, before you try this approach, you need to speak to the organizers of the trade show to see if they can accommodate your request to hang something from the ceiling. If not, you can still go high with banners suspended on frames. Just be careful and make sure they're safe.

Go Interactive

Interactive booths have been proven to be highly effective. It gives your guests something to do, while also ensuring that your business is memorable. You can allow people to test out your product, or even set up games, contests, or giveaways. Simple games will make people's visits more entertaining and will also attract other people as word spreads that your booth is a fun place to be. It also helps people relax, making it easier for you to close the sale.

Give them a Special Deal

One effective way to skyrocket your sales at a trade show is by offering a deal specific to the event. People love getting special deals, so they’ll be excited to learn more. And by confining its availability to the event, you will increase the perceived value of the offer due to scarcity, and you’ll also create a sense of urgency because people will know that once the tradeshow is over, they aren’t going to be getting another opportunity to take advantage. Tradeshows are great opportunities to network and expand your customer base, but it means making sure your booth gets noticed. The aforementioned tips will certainly help you draw more traffic, so make sure to take advantage.