Are Our Die Cut Stickers Waterproof?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from or customers is Are Stickerbeat's die cut vinyl stickers waterproof? The answer is -- You bet they are!

waterproof stickers

Stickerbeat uses a superior 3M graphic vinyl for all of our die cut stickers. The specially laminated topping adds fantastic protection that can easily be wiped in case of spills of water or even greasy substances. Our waterproof die cut stickers are perfect for indoors OR outdoors, so go ahead and let rain pelt your sticker outside. We ain’t scared!

Waterproof Die Cut Stickers are Tough

Surf stickers by Stickerbeat

When you order waterproof die cut stickers from Stickerbeat, you know your custom sticker will be durable. We don’t skimp on quality. Unlike our competitors, we don’t use inferior vinyl that is thin or lacks protection. Go ahead and use our waterproof stickers on anything -- food product labels, car bumper stickers, surfboards, on window stickers and more. If your personalized sticker has any chance of getting wet or being in a humid situation, you need a Stickerbeat waterproof die cut sticker.

our stickers are waterproof

Custom waterproof die cut stickers not only resist water, but many other punishing elements. They are UV rated to last in direct sunlight for up to 5 years. Heat, cold, snow, and rain are just a few of the things we have put our stickers through to test their toughness. You can even go ahead and run one of our stickers through the dishwasher without fear!

Our easy to apply waterproof die cut stickers go on with ease--simply peel off and stick. They go on perfectly flat without bubbling, flaking or lifting. Once they are down, they stay put. When you are ready for a new look, they are removed just as easily so you can add another design.

Food and drink stickers waterproof

You can make your die cut vinyl waterproof sticker and size, shape and color you want. Choose a matte or glossy finish, too. Get creative and make your sticker as elaborate as you like. We can cut it in a classic die cut style with a border, or kiss cut right up to the very edge of your design. You’re fully in control over every aspect of your personalized die cut sticker.

If you need help with your design, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our artistic customer service reps are eager to give you ideas or create artwork for you at no extra charge. Yep! Once you approve your design, we get it printed and shipped to you within 3 days for FREE.

Buy a waterproof die cut sticker that will last and make you proud no matter where you stick it. Let’s get started uploading your design!