Best Hashtags For Entrepreneurs

Hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007. Once you post it, the hashtag becomes a clickable link. Anyone who clicks on it is brought to a page that features all the latest tweets and posts with that hashtag. Therefore, if you create a tweet with a link to your blog, you should place the hashtag early and away from the link so you don’t accidentally direct traffic away from your blog. People also use hashtags as search terms to drill down for relevant information posted by savvy internet users. Using hashtags is a great way to build a following or to find prospects and suppliers.

Why use hashtags

More engagement: Social media posts with hashtags typically get twice as much engagement. When tweeting, only use one or two hashtags in a tweet or it will come across as spam. Reach a larger audience: You will reach a larger audience by using a popular hashtag that relates to your business or one that is trending at the moment.

How To Use Hashtags

You create a hashtag by placing the hash symbol before the word or phrase you want to use. The three simple rules to remember are:
  • There are no spaces allowed in a hashtag
  • No punctuation marks
  • Use only letters and numbers
There is no difference between #HashtagRules and #hashtagrules as far as functionality, but caps do make longer hashtags easier to read. You can make hashtags look more natural by using existing text; if you're tweeting about banners, just place a hashtag before the word banner rather than add a separate hashtag.

Best Hashtags For Entrepreneurs

Examples of best hashtags for entrepreneurs are #Biztip, #Entrepreneur, #Entrepreneurship, #Leadership, #Marketing, #BizOpp, #smallbusiness. There are many others, and some are probably more suited to your business than others. Which ones should you use? You can take the guesswork out of the equation by going to Ritetag to see how well any hashtag is likely to do. Hashtags on Ritetag are color-coded based on performance:
  • Green: good for short term visibility
  • Blue: good for long term visibility
  • Red: overused right now, avoid it
  • Grey: don’t use, no one follows it
Ritetag is a free and excellent resource for hashtags and statistics. Here's a typical screenshot: best hashtags for entrepreneurs 2

Can You Own A Hashtag

You can trademark a hashtag if the hashtag is being used to identify the source of a good or a service. However, the fact that a company has been using a hashtag on social media or in advertising materials does not automatically mean it warrants trademark protection. In other words, the hashtag must signify a specific source of goods or services. Remember, even if you trademark a hashtag, people will still be able to use it on social media. The trademark will only stop other companies in the same industry from using the hashtag to compete with you.

Wrap – Best Hashtags For Entrepreneurs

You should use hashtags to boost engagement on social media and to get your tweets and posts in front of more people. Keep your hashtags away from any link to your blog so you don’t accidentally drive traffic away from your website. You should also do research on any popular or trending hashtag before you use it to be sure it represents what you think it does. Finally, use a resource like Ritetag to get the best results from your marketing efforts.