BOPP Polypropylene Custom Labels Go Where No Ordinary Label Would Dare

If you need the mother of all custom labels that are virtually indestructible, then you require a BOPP label (AKA: bi-axially oriented polypropylene labels). These labels are tough!



Custom polypropylene labels (BOPP) are superstars when you want to make sure your label meets the highest of standards when you are labeling your products. For example, a BOPP label on your home brewed beer bottles is the only way to go because customers have a habit of scratching and picking labels. Custom BOPP labels will stay put in the toughest conditions—cold, wet, hot, you name it!

BOPP Labels are the Strongest Around


Polypropylene BOPP labels are ideal when your product or food label needs to withstand wicked temperature issues. If your label has to go from being in a freezer, and then being thawed out to room temperature and still stay stuck—you need to have a BOPP label in your life for peace of mind. If your container is going to face chemicals, oil, sweating or is going to be beaten up and banged around—there is no better custom label than a durable polypropylene BOPP label.


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Choose a BOPP polypropylene label when you know your product is going to be in a harsh situation above all others. Your custom BOPP label will hold up beautifully and still accept colorful inks spectacularly. As with all our other custom labels, a BOPP label can be made in any shape, size and color you prefer. No need to be stuck to boring squares if you want something more organic.



Sell product in a tough industry? A BOPP custom label will rock the warehouse! You can go ahead and label your storage racks, oil drums, bar codes, and planting pots with the comfort of knowing your polypropylene sticker will remain adhered. Custom BOPP labels are almost impossible to tear, are very scratch resistant, and have an extremely strong adhesive for a more permanent level of staying stuck when it required. They are perfect for indoors or outdoors!




As with all our labels and stickers, your polypropylene label will not peel, curl or bubble up once applied. Don’t risk the appearance of your products on a second-rate label that will lift when adhered. Gee whiz, that would be embarrassing! Make sure your customers know that you are using a superior grade label that can withstand anything.

Upload your label into the website, and choose BOPP film for your custom label. We will send you a proof to approve, and then we will get your stickers mailed to you with FREE SHIPPING within 3 days. It doesn’t get easier than this, people!

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