Brand Your Shipping Boxes Inside and Out to Convert Customers and Build Sales with Custom Vinyl Stickers

Shipping your products is the perfect time to use personalized Stickerbeat custom vinyl stickers! Gain customer traction and made additional sales thanks to ingenious marketing inside and outside your shipping box or padded envelope.

Using die cut stickers for packagin

For starters, why send out a boring brown box or bag to send your goodies to clients? Take advantage of all that blank real estate that a shipping box has to offer! Slap a label on that box with your company logo so that the whole shipment has your company’s vibe. It doesn’t take much effort at all with our handy labels on a roll. They are easy to pop on and send your package on its way.

Your box will travel through many hands before it reaches your customers. Why not create intrigue with a brightly colored custom sticker on it that speaks to your brand? Once your box is in their mailbox or sitting at the front door, you generate excitement with a branded box. Create a sense of exclusivity and quality with little effort. It shows your company took the time to take your products to the next level right down to the shipping.

Custom Laptop Stickers

Now, what’s inside the box is equally as important! Sure, your awesome products are inside—now take advantage of re-selling the customer with a sticker insert. Customized inserts give you the opportunity to talk directly to your customer with important messaging inside the box that is a call to action. A personalized insert can be a lot of things that add value:

  1. Brand Loyalty- A fabulous logo sticker that customers can display on their laptop, water bottle or insulated coffee mug. It spreads brand awareness and keeps your company in mind when a customer continually sees your logo or name. Plus, new customers will see your company name and you drive interest. It’s an inexpensive ongoing marketing campaign.
  2. Give a Discount– Reward customers with free shipping or a % off their next order with a special code. Give them a discount if they post a great review on social media. A discount can be a terrific call to action where the customer feels like they benefit.
  3. Say Thank You– A personalized sticker insert creates loyal fans because customers feel appreciated. You could just say “thanks for shopping with us;” or you can wrap a discount offer in too.
  4. Talk Up Sale Events– Custom sticker inserts can up-sell customers in a big way. Shout out about new products, sales or special events. Move slow inventory with an enticing deal or try a BOGO incentive that gets customers feeling like it’s a deal too good to pass up.

Inserts are cheap! For just a few cents you can make an inexpensive custom sticker insert to toss in your box that creates the opportunity for action. Customers love to get free or even discounted stuff, and you are already mailing them something anyway. A personalized insert adds no extra weight to your box and it’s a welcomed surprise for your customer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to brand your shipping box on the outside with logo personalized labels. Offering incentives inside the box is simply a no-brainer! Add to your marketing plan with minimal expense thanks to clever tools that add to your bottom line for just pennies.

Stickerbeat can help you design fun shipping box decals and sticker inserts to brand your mailings. Contact our customer service reps for helpful ideas. If you’ve already got a shipping box marketing plan in place let’s get it rolling. We can get it printed and shipped to you in 3 days with FREE SHIPPING! Let us show you how we can market your brand at a very low cost to you! Uploading your custom designs is super easy. Let’s get started!