CBD Oil Labels

Stickerbeat’s CBD oil labels give your CBD and cannabis products a professional presence and clear information that help drive sales. Make sure your labels for CBD oil explain everything about your products in order to avoid legal requirements due to vague marketing.

CBD oil labels

Be sure to check your state’s requirements for labeling when it comes to your CBD oil labels

Ensure you your CBD oil labels meet federal and state expectations so your marketing is in compliance. Your labels for CBD oil should clearly show your:

· Logo and brand name

· What your product’s benefits are (don’t make false claims)

· List your ingredients and amounts to use

· Directions for use

· Expiration and manufacturing dates

· Warnings

· Where the product is made

· Your business information

Steer clear of making therapeutic claims that you can’t back up legally or through FDA testing and approval. Avoid making medical assertions or stating cures, but you can certainly get inventive by saying that your products help your customers “relax,” help with “soreness” or are “soothing,” for example.

There is no need for boring CBD oil labels with Stickerbeat!

Just because your labels for CBD oil have to be compliant, doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulously cool at the same time. There is no need for dull labels for CBD or hemp oil! Let your artistic creativity run when it comes to a catchy slogan, bold colors and fun fonts. Let your logo speak to your customers with a rich brand message.

Attractive labeling sells products--so don’t make the mistake of creating a CBB or hemp oil label design that is bland. Let your CBD tinctures, oils and edibles stand out in a sea of other competitors with distinctive labels that cohesively create a brand that your customers will recognize and buy.

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Your CBD oil labels can be any size or shape you choose. All our labels are waterproof, UV resistant and can easily be wiped down. We make labeling your products super easy with our die cut design that makes putting a label on quick and easy.

If you need assistance creating a CBD oil label you love, let Stickerbeat be your design team. We will create labels for your CBD oil products that you will love. Best of all, this service is free to you!

Let’s get started on building a CBD oil presence for your brand that has the qualified recognition you deserve. All our stickers are high quality, can be matte or glossy finish and won’t lift, bubble or peel once adhered. Don’t risk your brand looking bad with cheap labels that don’t show how professional your business really is.

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