Custom Die Cut Food Stickers

Custom die cut vinyl food stickers and labels give small home bakers and large scale food manufacturers a professional look with their products. Bakery labels for cakes, coffee stickers for packaging teas or java, and honey jar labels brand your delights for sale or holiday giving alike.

Custom Bakery Stickers and Labels


When you are serious about the look and feel of your food packaging, Stickerbeat can help you mount a marketing campaign with personalized food labels that will get your goods noticed on store shelves, the local farmer’s market, restaurants or online.

A custom die cut food label draws recognition and delights the senses visually

Your logo, an image, ingredients, volume info, website and any critical information you want to impart to a customer can all be put on your customized food stickers. Whether you are gracing a box, bag, bottle or can with a custom food label, you want to make sure it pops when a potential customer sees it.

Coffee and Tea Label Stickers

Your personalized die cut food label helps you communicate with your customers, so be sure to use color and a font with pizzazz. Don’t be afraid to tell your company story on your food labels, offer advice on usage or describe the flavors. Studies show that you want to grab a customer’s attention within a few seconds they scan shelves with competing products, so make yours memorable.

Craft Beers and Breweries.jpg labels clear

Unusual shaped stickers grab lots of attention, and you should know that we can cut ANY shape you need at Stickerbeat. You can select any color you wish, and a matte or glossy finish is up for grabs. Don’t hesitate to try a clear food label for on a wine bottle or a beer sticker.

The food business generates over $700 billion dollars in revenues annually. If you want to grab a slice of that pie, you need to ensure your food labels make your packaging stand out. If you sell your food products online, Stickerbeat suggests keeping the label crisp and easy to read in a smaller format such as a laptop or mobile phone. Make your lettering bolder and uncluttered so that your label is still easily readable in a reduced format. Sometimes, simplicity works!

Waterproof food stickers and sticky fingers allow for breezy clean-ups

Stickerbeat’s custom food labels and stickers are ideal for food products because they are waterproof. If there are any spills, you or a consumer can easily wipe the label with ease. Our labels stay stuck even if placed in a refrigerator or freezer, and can withstand heat as well. We use 3M graphic vinyl with inks that stay bright and are UV resistant.


Stickerbeat is happy to partner with you to design a custom food decal that will rock your customers. If you make fabulous cookies or spectacular chocolates, but are bewildered by how to brand your confections, let us do that heavy lifting for you. We can help you design a fabulous food label just for you at no additional charge. Don’t let your delicious food products be naked without a food label, or have one that you don’t like! Let Stickerbeat be your custom food label design guru and packaging sidekick.

Custom Barbecue Sauce Stickers

We will design a die cut food label that you will be proud to put in front of customers and best represents your brand. Once you approve your label, we get it printed and shipped out to you within 3 days for FREE!

Print a dozen food labels to dress up your personalized cookie tins for holiday gift sharing, or churn out thousands of custom food stickers to stick on your famous hot sauce to sell online. Either way, we will make sure your food product gets noticed.