Custom Lip Balm Labels

Whether your crafting lip balm comes in a tin, jar or tube—Stickerbeat has your products covered with custom lip balm labels. It doesn’t matter if you make small batch lip balm on your kitchen counter, or if you are a large scale cosmetics manufacturer--we can help you create a professional-looking custom lip balm label to top any size or shape container with your brand. If you are putting your lip balm into a box afterward, we can put a label on that packaging, too!

lip balm label

Don’t Ignore the Countless Benefits of Using a Stickerbeat Lip Balm Label

The benefits of partnering with Stickerbeat to brand your custom lip balm labels are many. Let’s start with the fact that our high-quality materials are top of the line and perfectly suited for cosmetics applications. With a laminated topping, which is water and oil proof. This means that even a potential greasy product like lip balm does not affect or harm our labels in any way. Your customers can simply wipe off your lip balm label and keep going.

custom lip balm tins and tubes

Next, once our lip balm label is affixed to your container of choice, it isn’t going to budge. Nope! Once our labels and stickers are down, they simply stay put. They won’t lift, peel or bubble in any way. And, best of all, they are super easy to apply—just remove the backing paper, and get them onto your lip balm tube with ease. Also, our scratch resistant lip balm labels will look awesome even if your customer tosses their cosmetics into a purse or pocket.

Your Custom Lip Balm Labels YOUR Way. No Limits!

Your custom lip balm label can feature your logo and related colors. We use superior inks that are designed to pop. Put your brand ethos, your business info and ingredients on any label. Include any relevant flavors, volume information and even application directions. ANYTHING you desire can be included on your custom lip balm labels, and they can be any color, size or shape you dream up. You can choose matte, glossy or even clear. We won’t limit you in any way or hold back your creativity.

Natural lip balm labels

You can buy one sticker or you can buy thousands. That’s completely your choice. Either way, shipping is always FREE and we don’t charge any hidden set-up fees. If you need help designing your lip balm label, don’t hesitate to give customer service a ring. We will hook you up with one of our brilliant graphic designers who will help you build a lip balm label to your specifications from scratch—FOR FREE! Yep, it’s like having your very graphics department on your staff with no added charge.

Custom Design!

If you already have a design you love, great! Just upload it into our handy tool and we will review it to make sure everything looks great. We send you a proof for you to approve, and then we get it printed and shipped to you within 3 days. Shipping is always FREE! Gosh, we just love to give you stuff for FREE!

Offer your personalized lip balm as gifts, or even giveaways thanks to our budget friendly cosmetics labels. On store shelves, e-commerce stores or at your local farmer’s market--your custom cosmetics products can rock sales. We deliver with a gorgeous, professionally printed lip balm label that is all about your brand and look. Keep customers coming back with a beautifully packaged product that will want to repeat buy. Let’s get labeling!