Custom Radio Station Stickers

Amateur ham radio or big league broadcast radio station custom vinyl stickers are fabulous way to market your station! Show off your radio frequency or call letters with radio station stickers that let everyone know what you are listening to on the air waves or internet radio.

custom radio station stickers for giveaways

Since radio stations already give away gaggles of free stuff to listeners, a custom vinyl radio station sticker is the perfect give-away without busting the bank. They are inexpensive to hand out at events, listener parties, in swag bags and more! Best of all, it’s a dirt cheap way to promote your radio station with long reaching effect.

Connect to Listeners with Custom Radio Station Stickers that Travel with Them

Custom radio station stickers are a cool way for listeners to carry your logo, call letters and radio station name around for others to see. Your fans can put radio station stickers on their laptops and mobile devices, on the back windshield of their car or even on their motorcycle. Your radio station stickers become a roaming billboard for current and perspective listeners for only pennies. Way cheaper than commercials, mailings everyone ignores or pricey newspaper ads.

radio station stickers

If you giveaway fun goodies like a cooler, you can place your personalized radio station sticker on it to brand everything that leaves your hands. You can put them on water bottles or anything that you put into the hands of a listener. Brand your radio station walls with a humongous wall sticker, and don’t hesitate to try a clear window or door sticker.

Fans Love Stickers because they Openly Tell Everyone What They Like

Encourage your listeners to visit your website or social media pages where they can get a free radio station sticker in return. A call to action with a freebie as a reward is the perfect way for fans to interact with you via the internet. Motivate your listeners to do something in order to get something back!

radio stickers

Give your amateur radio station professional status with a custom bumper sticker that can be placed anywhere. Fans love stickers because it openly tells everyone what they like.

Stickerbeat’s stickers are not like stickers from years ago that were hard to remove and did damage to your paint or left a lot of goopy residue. Nope! Our stickers are easy to apply AND easy to remove without any damage to your surface. Once you place your sticker down, they won’t peel up, bubble or crack. When you are ready for a whole new look, they are simple to remove and replace. So, don’t be afraid to plaster Stickerbeat stickers all over the place!

promote your station with custom radio stickers

Your custom radio station stickers can be any size, shape, or color you like. Go for full-on wild color or a classic black and white design if you choose. Get creative with your artwork without fear because we can print and cut virtually ANY design with our state-of-the-art laser-guided blades. You can select a glossy or matte finish sticker depending on the look you are after, too. You will have a professional-looking radio station sticker that is UV resistant, waterproof, and durable!

It’s a breeze to upload your artwork, and once you approve your image we get it printed and shipped to you within 3 days. Shipping is always free no matter how many stickers you order.