Custom Social Distancing Decals that Keeps your Business in Compliance and Guides Customers

Social distancing decals are an easy way to help customers at your business understand where they need to enter, stand, wait and walk with distancing efforts and compliance in mind. Help guide your customers around your store, salon, restaurant, office or warehouse so you stay in compliance with your local mandates.

social distancing decals

Directonal floor decals keep traffic flowing in the correct way thanks to visual arrows that guide the way. You can customize your own brand right colors into your social distancing floor decals, or you can simply use one of Stickerbeat’s pre-made ones that make it stress-free to order.

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Our Please Wait Here floor decals help your clients understand where they can stand in order to make a purchase, place an order, or speak with a service agent for assistance. These directional cues help everyone stay safe and keep 6 feet apart as required. Window social distancing decals and stickers are another way to remind customers of your local rules with regard to wearing a mask when entering, updated store hours and other vital information.

Social distancing decals for your floors, walls, doors and windows

Stickerbeat can help you with a social distancing plan that covers every area of your business. From your front door, your floors, your cashier stations, bathroom areas, reception desk and waiting room—we can help you design a branded scheme that is cohesive and clear to understand. Your customers will quickly comprehend your action plan in regard to social distancing endeavors for your business with no confusion.

social distancing decals

Our social distance floor decals and stickers are made of premium quality 3M anti-slip graphic vinyl. Once they are put down, they won’t bubble, crack or peel up. The adhesive helps them stay put, but they will also be simply removed without damage to your floor. We promise no sticky residue will be left behind.

Our floor decals for social distancing can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to our special laminated top. This makes them durable and able to withstand high traffic. We offer hard surface social distance floor decals that are perfect for tile, vinyl, wood, cement and laminate and glass floors. We also offer social distance floor decals for carpet, too! These are perfect for temporary situations where you have a low cut pile carpet. A special adhesive gives them added grip so that they stay put on the fibers of your carpet or mat. When it comes time to remove them, we promise no nasty residue will be left behind!

Where to buy custom vinyl social distancing decals that you design or are pre-made for ease?

social distancing decals

You can custom design your very own social distancing floor decals with your own artwork by using our handy upload tool, or you can purchase any of our pre-made designs. You can pick your very own shape, size and color social distancing floor decals; or you can simply buy the ones that we have created. It’s your choice! You can buy one or you can buy as many social distancing decals or stickers are you desire. We don’t impose any minimums on you! Either way, we get them printed and shipped out to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING.