Welcome to Stickerbeat. Over the past 30 years, we’ve printed a wide variety of stickers for individuals and small businesses. We've also made custom stickers for well-known companies like Nike, Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy and many others.

Heavy Duty Stickers

Our stickers will hold up to the harshest weather conditions. We make them out of the same material that we use to wrap vehicles, like the one in you see in the featured image of this post. That means they’ll hold up to any use you’re likely to put them to. Our custom stickers are much more than just dishwasher safe – you’ve seen them rolling down the road on the sides of trucks and buses at highway speeds. They hold up despite heavy storms and hundreds of trips to the carwash.

History of Modern Day Stickers

Stickers have evolved to meet the changing times. The earliest stickers date back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians made glue by boiling a combination of animal hides, hooves and connective tissue and used it to plaster product and pricing stickers to the walls of ancient cities. Postage stamps are stickers too, and the first one was called the penny black. It went on sale May 1, 1840 in the UK. Stanton Avery is credited with developing the modern day sticker. He designed a machine that put self-adhesive labels onto a paper backing treated with silicone. This allowed the mass production of sticker sheets that could be peeled off and reapplied elsewhere.

Bumper Stickers

Czechoslovakian automaker N. Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft was the first to put bumpers on cars in 1897. Unfortunately, the early bumpers were not designed well and they often fell off before they offered any protection to the vehicle’s owners. A few years later, British engineer Frederick Simms was granted a patent for his new impact-absorbing bumper. Credit for inventing the bumper sticker goes to Forest P. Gill. He attached advertisements to car bumpers with wire in the early 1930s and later used pressure-sensitive stock. By 1984, the Gill-line company had produced more than 1 billion bumper stickers when it celebrated its 50th anniversary. You can order bumper stickers here.

Stickers Go Viral

People have advertised with stickers for a long time, but their popularity really boomed in the early 1980’s when John Keaton invented a peel and stick product for rock band posters. He developed durable stickers to resist vandalism in tough neighborhoods. Mirrors, guitar cases and windows have never been the same since John’s invention.

Custom Stickers That Rock

Stickers have evolved significantly over the years and people are now using them for personal expression as well as for mass advertising. Whether you want stickers for your personal use or for your business, you deserve the best. Don’t take a chance with an inferior product - order stickers that rock from Stickerbeat.