Custom Stickers for Record Stores Get Customers Rocking to Your Marketing Beat!

Old school record stores have made a comeback thanks to the resurgence of music on vinyl. Custom stickers for record stores are a hip way for your record shop to give away die cut vinyl stickers to customers. Encourage the fandom of your vinyl record empire with a fun retro or vintage design that builds your marketing plan for just pennies per sticker.

Stickerbeat Custom Record Store Stickers

Get high marketing impact for a low cost with record store vinyl stickers

Custom die cut vinyl stickers for record stores are the perfect way for you to gain advertising traction since your nifty message can be carried anywhere for lots of potential new customers to see. Record store stickers can be placed on the cellophane wrapping on every record you sell, your shipping boxes and shopping bags, and more. Stickerbeat helps you market to your customers at every point possible with inexpensive die cut vinyl record store stickers.

Record Store Stickers are perfect for Pop Up Shops and Music Events

Record stores aren’t the only ones to benefit from die cut record store vinyl stickers. Album sellers can give them away at pop up vinyl selling events, music festivals, and flea markets. Collectors LOVE these record store stickers. Don’t miss out on a huge branding promotion opportunity that is budget-friendly.

You can’t get a cheaper advertising mechanism than a custom vinyl die cut sticker for your shop. Stickerbeat provides you with an inexpensive marketing solution that gives you way more range than a one-time ad in a local newspaper that customers end up throwing away. A die cut record sticker can feature your shop name, website info, and a groovy image or logo that will attract yards of attention.

custom record store stickers

When you give away record stickers, your customers will be too happy to show them off by sticking them on a laptop, car bumper or a musical instrument. A magical thing happens when your customers do this—OTHER people see these cool stickers and seek you out. You get free viral advertising that goes on and on as new people continue to see your popular stickers posted in random locations. Woo hoo!

A Stickerbeat custom die cut vinyl record store sticker can be any shape, size or color you crave. Don’t hold back your creativity when it comes to designing a totally unique and memorable record store sticker that will snag attention.

Our high grade 3M graphic vinyl is thick and looks super professional; it’s also waterproof, UV resistant and shows off our ink colors brightly. Your record store stickers can be placed indoors or outdoors without a problem because they are tough. If graphic design is not your forte, don’t be sad—our jazzy customer service reps can create a sticker for your record store at no additional charge. They are artistic pros that can give you a record store sticker you will love once you provide your specifications.

How can you beat this?! You get a low-cost advertising vehicle, it’s printed and shipped to you within 3 days, and the shipping is totally FREE. Now that’s a deal you can tap your foot to.