Custom Tea Packaging Labels

custom tea packaging labels

Want to give your private label blended tea leaves a custom look? Get custom private tea labels that give your packaging a snazzy look. Your custom tea packaging labels will give you an ultra-professional look in the hands of your customers and encourage them to buy your teas.

3M Select Graphic Provider Platinum

Our die cut tea packaging labels stick easily to cans, pouches, tins and bags without issue thanks to our high-quality 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl. Once down, our labels will not peel, bubble, or lift up. Thanks to their waterproof nature, our 4mm thick labels are easy to wipe down and clean. Stickerbeat’s tea packaging labels are durable and tough because of they feature a laminated topping that creates a scratch-resistant barrier.

Provide Customers Important Flavor and Ingredient Information with Labels that Resonate

Show off your tea logo and brand in a colorful and expressive way with Stickerbeat’s custom tea packaging labels that will help your customers understand and buy your tea products. Feature the name of your blend, what kind of leaves are used, and any additional flavorings or spices that may be added. Include directions on how to prepare and brew your teas; provide info on what region the leaves come from, and help your customers understand the potential benefits that come from your tea concoction without making unfounded claims. Remember, if you are pre-packaging your tea blends for re-sale in a tea or coffee shop, be sure you meet the FDA regulations with your labels when it comes to tea or food packaging to avoid potential issues.

Coffee and Tea Label Stickers

Get colorful and elegant custom tea packaging labels that boldly tease potential customers to buy. Build your tea brand up with a tea label that is instantly recognizable with a memorable logo. Stand out on the store shelf in a vibrant way to give your tea leaf packaging lots of appeal and encourage purchase.

Stickerbeat Gives You Endless Options to Customize your Labels

Die cut tea packaging labels can be any shape, color, or size you wish. If you are labeling lots of containers, you may benefit from our handy labels on a roll that is quick to dispense and creates less paper waste. Our high-quality inks ensure a bright look that is guaranteed to pop and are fade resistant. You have the ability to choose whether you want a glossy or matte finish on your labels, too.

tea room stickers

Upload your custom tea packaging label artwork into our online tool and we will send you a proof to review. Once you approve it, we will get your stickers printed and shipped to you within three days. Best of all, shipping is FREE no matter how many stickers you choose to order.

If you need help with a personalized tea packaging label design, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Consider our graphics design team a member of your squad to help drive your business forward with packaging label artwork. We will create an artistic design based on your ideas, colors and concepts at no additional charge to you. That’s right, you get to partner with a professional graphic designer for free. Let’s get ready to create your tea packaging labels that will turn heads and make the cash register ring.