Die Cut Stickers vs Sticker Sheets: Which Option Is Better for You?

You know stickers are valuable promotional tools. You know you can get whatever design you like, and whatever size you prefer. But now you have a problem. You’re not sure whether to opt for die cut stickers or sticker sheets. In fact, you’re not even sure of the difference between them. In this article, we’ll look at the two types of stickers, as well as when to use them.

Understanding the Difference Between Die Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are, as their name pretty clearly states, sheets with multiple stickers on them. These sheets can feature all the same sticker or multiple sticker designs, depending on your preference. Essentially, what happens is that the designs are printed on a sheet, and then, when the cut is made, it’s only made through the sticker itself and not all the way through to the backing. So, what you end up with is a rectangular sheet of backing material and vinyl on which the stickers have been printed, and only the latter has been scored so you can peel the individual stickers off the sheet. This type of cut is referred to as a kiss cut, seeing as the blades only lightly “kiss” the vinyl, and don’t go all the way through. They can be cut to any shape you choose, including along the contour of the design if it’s not a standard shape. Conversely, die cut stickers have been cut out of the sheet completely, usually along the contour of the design but they can also be cut out as standard geometric shapes, if you prefer. These tend to be slightly more expensive than sticker sheets, but are great at making an impact.

How to Decide Between Sticker Sheets and Die-Cut Stickers

In terms of which one is better, the fact is that it depends on the situation. Sticker sheets are more suited to some applications, while for others, die-cut stickers are more appropriate.

Determine the Application

The first step in figuring out whether to get die-cut stickers or sticker sheets is to determine what you’ll be using them for. Below you’ll find a few examples.

Package and Product Stickers

If you are going to be using the stickers to put on your packages when shipping to customers, then you’re probably better off with sticker sheets. It’s a more cost-effective option and since you won’t be handing them out individually, it doesn’t matter how many stickers are on a single sheet. Keep in mind that they don’t have to be identical to one another, so even if each label has a custom message on it, you can still get them on sheets. Another advantage to sticker sheets is the ease with which you can peel them off the sheet. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you have a large number of packages to brand, anything that makes it easier and less time-consuming definitely helps.

Stickers for Customers

When you’re giving out stickers to your customers, you should probably stick to die-cut stickers, even if you are sending more than one. Yes, a sticker sheet would be more efficient if you are sending out a few stickers to each customer, but the fact is that die-cut stickers look more professional. The last thing you want to do is to make your customers think you’re cheap. So, investing in die-cut stickers is definitely more beneficial to your reputation in the long run. Plus, if you sent multiple die-cut stickers, your customers can also hand them out to friends and family, further promoting your brand. If you take the sticker sheet route, this would be a lot more difficult for your customers to do, meaning you’d be missing out on a valuable promotional opportunity. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to be your advocates and recommend you to their friends and family, so send them die-cut stickers.

Promotional Stickers

If you will be putting up promotional stickers in your area, or at an event, you’ll probably want to go with sticker sheets. Once again, it saves time as peeling them off is much easier. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier to transport 500 stickers, for example, when they are still attached to a sheet, than when they are loose. There’s also less of a chance of losing them because it’s easier to notice a whole sheet flying off than it is a 2”x2” sticker.

Consider the Design

When deciding between die-cut stickers and sticker sheets, you also have to take into account the design. If it’s a very delicate design with lots of “bits” sticking out, a contour die-cut sticker might not be the best option because it’s easier for those areas to get damaged. For example, if you have a ribbon waving in the wind, it’s more likely to get bent or even torn off, despite the additional strength the backing material provides. However, when the same sticker is on a sheet, it won’t be exposed so there’s less of a chance of accidents happening.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

Budget is certainly a consideration, despite how cost-effective stickers are in general. So, if you are sending out multiple stickers to your customers, you might opt for a sticker sheet as it will be slightly cheaper. However, remember that you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to increase brand awareness because your customers won’t be able to hand out stickers to other people. Plus, there’s also the risk that you’ll seem cheap. It’s often a better idea to get fewer die-cut stickers than opting for sticker sheets when trying to make your customers feel special. Die-cut stickers and sticker sheets are both popular options, but the approach you choose really depends on your circumstances and how those stickers will be used. In some cases, a die-cut sticker is mandatory if you want to put your best foot forward and really impress your customers. In other situations, like when you have 300 packages of your homemade cookies to brand, you want to go for sticker sheets to make your life easier.