3 Creative Ways to Use Custom Die Cut Stickers

Custom die cut stickers are so versatile, you can use them for almost anything you can think of. Getting married? Make sure everyone remembers with calendar stickers. Want to increase awareness? Hand out some awesome stickers. Want to build customer loyalty? Put together collectible sticker sets everyone wants to get their hands on. And the list goes on.
Custom die cut stickers can be almost any shape, allowing for lots of creativity.
Read on to discover a few creative and memorable ways you can use custom die cut stickers.

Custom Die Cut Stickers as Event Reminders

Nowadays, with all the information we are bombarded with every day, plus all the stuff that’s going on in our lives, our attention spans are ridiculously short. We’ve also kind of gotten out of the habit of remembering stuff, especially if it seems inconsequential, because we don’t have to. We have gadgets and apps for that. Think about it. Before the cell phone, we remembered people’s phone numbers. At least the ones that were important to us. Now? Bet you can barely remember your own phone number. This short attention and memory span also means that most people tend to forget about events, even if it’s an important one. And yes, they can and often do set a reminder on their mobile gadget of choice, but the fact is that custom die cut stickers are an awesome way to remind people. Since people adore stickers, you’ll already have a head start out of the gate. Just because they received stickers, they’re more likely to remember the event. If you’re a little more proactive and include calendar stickers with the date and event included, then they’re even more likely to remember that they have an event to attend. And if you really wanna show off, then include a QR code on the sticker that they can scan to create a reminder in their calendar app of choice. The more convenient and easier you make it for your guests to remember the date, the better the chance that they will attend. Plus, those stickers will make awesome keepsakes to help remind them in the future of the awesome time they had at your event, which makes it even more likely they’ll remember the date the next time you invite them.

Custom Die Cut Stickers to Increase Awareness for Important Causes

When we talk of awareness, many people get stuck on the idea of retail and the traditional concept of brand. However, the fact is that custom die cut stickers can be used to increase awareness for many other things, including important causes. Well-designed, attractive stickers can be handed out to people or put up in all sorts of places to draw people’s attention to an issue. They’re also a great way of driving traffic to sites, which can further increase awareness and make people take notice. Of course, you have to be really creative with the design. A plain sticker with just a logo is not going to get you much traction. However, if you’re handing out amazing custom die cut stickers with unique designs, then people won’t be able to help but remember them. And the more attractive they are, the more people will want them, which will only expand your target audience. For example, if you’re trying to raise money to save a rainforest, you can create a wide range of different stickers featuring some of the more beautiful and unusual plants you can find in a rainforest. They’ll be evocative, attractive, and will certainly draw more attention than just a simple message.

Create Collectible Custom Die Cut Sticker Sets to Build Customer Loyalty

People love stickers. It’s a fact of life. But one thing people love more than stickers is a set of stickers they can collect. Large chains often do this for kids. They come out with a set of stickers along with a workbook in which children can collect stickers. And they hand a few of these stickers out with every purchase. Want to take a wild guess at the result? That’s right. The kids scream and cry because they want to complete their collection of stickers. So, their parents end up shopping all the time at the chain in question to make their kids happy.
Kids love collecting custom die cut stickers so use it to your advantage.
Therefore, the store gets extra business, the kids are happy, and the parents will tell everyone they know about this cool sticker collection they can get for their kids from XYZ chain. But don’t think it only applies to kids. Adults love collecting stickers just as much. All you have to do is find something that your target market is really passionate about. However, with these types of custom die cut stickers, you have to be smart. Only send them out with a purchase. When customers ask you how they can get more (or how their friends can get some), tell them that they have to make a purchase. That way, you’re making the stickers even more valuable by limiting their availability. You can be even more creative and take things a step further. You can turn collecting these stickers into a competition and give out small prizes to everyone who completes the whole set. It can even be another sticker. But, of course, it has to be totally awesome and not something they can get any other way.
Fun custom die cut stickers make attractive options for any sticker collection.
This approach won’t just increase brand awareness, but it will also improve sales. And it will also have a great effect on customer loyalty and advocacy because people love getting stuff for free. It makes them feel special and valued, which is how you build the long-term relationships that are essential to a sustainable business model. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative uses for Stickerbeats custom die cut stickers. Whether you’re looking to build customer loyalty, increase awareness for an important cause, or just want to make sure people show up at your event, these stickers are definitely the way to go. Just make sure they feature an amazing design, and it won’t be long before you fulfill all your goals.