Don’t be Dull with a Boring Basic Business Card!

Get your Business Information out there with a Highly Visible Business Card Sticker Everyone Can See!

business card stickers

Why hand out an old fashioned business card when you can give your prospective clients a custom die cut vinyl business card sticker?! Yep, you can carry your vinyl business sticker in the same way you do your traditional business card, except this one has a twist! Stickerbeat’s personalized die cut vinyl business card stickers have the added value that they can be stuck ANYWHERE. Customers can certainly carry them in their wallets, but they can also adhere them to their laptop, a refrigerator, or even a file cabinet.

Leave your brand mark with a business card sticker your clients will remember

Business card stickers take your company brand to a different level thanks to their ability to stick wherever your clients need them. Instead of shoving them in a pile where they are forgotten, Stickerbeat business card stickers can be proudly displayed for quick and easy reference if your clients want to get in touch with you.

custom business card logo stickers

Vinyl business card stickers are perfect for any business category. If you work in heating and air, you can leave your business card stuck to the HVAC unit so your clients can remember exactly who to call if they need maintenance. If you repair equipment, sell goods, have a craft business, real estate or are in any general profession—die cut business card stickers can be stuck to anything you create or work on with ease.

Our Business Card Stickers Serve Dual Purposes!

Business card stickers are dual-purpose—they disperse your basic business information for your customers to keep as a reminder, but also they are also a vibrant marketing tool. Business stickers provide you with tons of bang for your marketing budget dollars at a real low price. They provide your clients with a continual visual of who you are because they don’t have to dig through a stack of boring business cards. Your business card sticker can be easily stuck on any flat surface so it is always handy and visible. Let your competition’s business card sit in the desk drawer with a big rubber band around the pile. Your business card sticker will be displayed where it can be seen thanks to the fact that it has an adhesive backing.

Anyone can leave their mark with a custom vinyl die cut business card sticker. You can hand out your business cards stickers exactly the way you would a standard card or you can get creative and stick them to your work, too. Architectural plans, a tool, your packaging/ shipping boxes, computer CPU, machinery or a catering meal tray can all feature a neat custom business sticker. Your business card can be a marketing stand out everywhere.

Quality You Can See and Feel!

Our business card stickers can feature your vital business information, your logo and even a photo. Anything you want can be artfully displayed on your business card. We use only high-quality 3M Scotchcal vinyl with a sturdy backing paper so your sticker will be thick and strong. You can get it in a glossy or matte finish, and they are scratch-resistant. Our superior graphic vinyl is UV and waterproof, so they can be used indoors or outdoors without a problem.


You can stick your business card to any flat dry surface, and even create interesting giveaways for your clients such as water bottles or calendars featuring your branded business sticker. You can easily upload your own business card sticker design or we can help you create one for no additional charge. In three days you will have a kickin’ die cut vinyl sticker that will have free shipping to your address. Let’s get started on ramping up your business marketing with a custom vinyl die cut business card sticker NOW!