Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Stickers!

3M Scotchcal Graphic Vinyl is the only Sticker Material we use at Stickerbeat!

Our competitors may try to skimp by selling stickers on low-grade vinyl that make all sorts of claims. Stickerbeat ONLY sells 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl stickers and decals that are the absolute BEST quality available. We also give you the choice of matte or glossy surface finishes, too!


3M Scotchcal vinyl is 4 millimeters thick, which makes for a very strong and sturdy die cut sticker that won’t tear or rip easily. The specialized adhesive behind each of our custom vinyl stickers is what gives you the ability to place them on any dry flat surface indoors or outside. Your personalized sticker will go down without bubbles or peeling up on the edges once it’s down.

Beware cheap competitor stickers with mediocre vinyl

The absolute best part is that our stickers are super easy to peel off their backer paper, and easy to remove from any surface once you are ready for a change. Check out this video to see how difficult it is to install one of our competitor’s stickers! They are hard to get off their backing sheet which is a total pain in the neck! Who wants to deal with that?!

Not only are Stickerbeat’s 3M vinyl graphic vinyl stickers durable and scratch-resistant, but they are weatherproof and UV resistant. Rain, snow, sun, and total water submersion are possible. Go ahead and run one through a dishwasher without fear! The secret is in the laminated topping that protects every one of our stickers and makes them strong.

Stickerbeat stickers can even be ran through the dishwasher and stay stuck

Instead of painting, use one of our custom stickers that feature ZERO VOC’s that are contained in paint. Breathe easy knowing you are not being exposed to VOC emissions when it comes to our vinyl die cut stickers. Custom wall stickers are absolutely perfect and safe to decorate your baby’s nursery or kid’s rooms!

Customize a die cut food label, a clear window sticker for your shop or colorful address labels. 3M vinyl coupled with Stickerbeat’s superior inks produce brilliant custom die cut stickers that you will be proud to show off to family, friends or customers.

circle roll stickers frrom Stickerbeat

Don’t be fooled by our competition trying to sell you stickers on junk quality vinyl that is hard to install and is a nightmare to remove. Stickerbeat promises we don’t pinch on quality just to save a few pennies and sell you an inferior sticker with all sorts of false claims. We would never sell a die cut sticker we won’t stand behind. Post-It Notes and Scotch brand tape also use the same materials, and they are the best at what they do—and Stickerbeat does the same.

We only use 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl which produces a crisp, colorful and professional custom sticker!

Why settle for a mediocre quality custom die-cut sticker when you can get one on the best vinyl material available for the same price or better? Let’s get to designing your custom die cut sticker today!

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