Family Activities For March Break

March Break provides a great opportunity to reconnect with family. You don't need a big budget; children will enjoy and cherish quality family time whether it takes place at home or in an exotic location. As you plan your March Break, think about the memories you want to create; which memories from your childhood mean the most to you? If quality family time means playing games together or long evenings at the dinner table, plan your vacation to create those memories. Remember, family time begins with research and planning. Plan together. Time To Unwind What makes a good vacation? It’s getting a break from what you normally do. That’s why many people choose to travel. But you don’t have to travel great distances or spend a lot of money to unplug and smell the roses. Here’s a list of family activities for March Break to help you unwind and reconnect with family:

Family Activities for March Break

Take something off your bucket list. Pick something from your bucket list and make it a family March Break event. Whether it’s skydiving, hot air ballooning, downhill skiing, bungee jumping, white water rafting or mountain climbing, pick one and do it. Take lots of pictures and video to make this one a lasting memory. Pretend you’re a tourist for a few days. People often avoid local tourist attractions their city if famous for, even though it’s one of the most obvious things to do during a vacation. Why not visit local attractions like museums, historical sites or buildings, or visit a park you haven’t been to. Take lots of pictures, you’ll be glad you did. Have a bbq for the kids and their friends. Get the children involved in planning and setting up the event and invite their friends. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new foods and teach them about costs and event planning. Have a camping trip in your backyard. The worse thing about camping is packing the car before and after the camping trip. Why not pitch the tent in your backyard and enjoy some outdoor time without the hassle. If you like road trips, go for it. Google family-friendly campgrounds near me first so you don’t make a poor choice. Go for a long hike or bike ride. It’s good to get outdoors and enjoy physical activity with the family. Go for a hike or bike ride through a new or favorite trail. family activities for march break Have a movie night and sleepover for the kids. Extend the bedtime curfew and let the kids invite friends over for a movie night or game night and a sleepover. The friends’ parents will enjoy the break and will no doubt return the favor. Make popcorn and snacks and let the kids get the sleeping bags out for the sleep-over. Have a volunteer day. Pick a day and volunteer as a family for a local cause like a food bank or a nursing home. Or spend an afternoon cleaning up a local park or pick up debris around your neighborhood. Try it, I guarantee you’ll feel better afterward.

Wrap Up – Make March Break 2017 Special

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