Floor Graphics Advertising

Stickers or decals are attention-grabbers when used for floor graphics advertising. We print our floor graphics on durable scratch and water resistant vinyl. As a result, they are ideal for high-traffic areas like retail shops and grocery stores. Floor graphics marketing is an effective and affordable way to boost branding and can be used in many ways. Because we make our floor graphics with a strong adhesive, they can be applied to any smooth surface such as commercial tile, hardwood or even concrete. It’s a novel way to maximize the use of your floor space and with a bit of creativity, it will put your customers in a better mood and boost sales.

Floor Graphics Advertising Is Effective

Some retailers report increased sales by as much as twenty to thirty percent from using floor graphics. In addition, you should consider using floor graphics advertising because: Effective and low cost. Floor graphics are in-store signage. You can use them for short-term promotions or for longer-term signage. Eye-catching. The right graphic can be unique and eye-catching. By doing something different from the competition, you can generate a lot of buzz and this will translate into increased sales. Free marketing platform. Since you’ve already paid for the floor space, it only makes sense to make better use of it. High-quality graphics can create a unique experience for your customers.

Floor Graphics Advertising Has A Big Effect

Drawing your customer’s eyes down to the floor automatically focuses their attention. It engages the orienting reflex and this makes underfoot content more meaningful than other placements. You can use floor graphics to:
  • Boost and reinforce brand awareness
  • Boost in-store promotions
  • Create a livelier atmosphere

Floor Graphics Advertising Has Many Uses

floor graphics advertising 2 Custom floor graphics can be very effective in non-commercial settings as well. You don’t have to be selling something to take advantage of the media. Here are a few examples:
  • Municipal activities
  • Organizations like the local police force
  • School events – dances, award celebrations etc.
  • Corporate events
  • Safety and direction in buildings
  • Fundraising and non-profit events

Floor Graphics Placement Ideas

Floor graphics are often overlooked when planning ad placements and event signage. However, they can be extremely effective when used properly. Here are a few ideal placements where they will stand out:
  • The sidewalk in front of the store or business
  • Immediately inside the front door
  • Placed below sale-priced items
  • Used to create an area where customers can take selfies

Floor Graphics Ideas

floor graphics advertising You can use any image for floor graphics advertising; branding and sales promotions are not the only use, you might just want to create a buzz. Here’s a list of a few suggestions that are bound to attract attention and leave them smiling: Canyon Mirror Images Footprints Animal Tracks Water puddle in an unexpected place Missing floor in an elevator Optical illusion on escalator or stairs Man Hole Money Dropped Snack Foods Bulls Eye or Target Wine Corks Mud Hole