Fundraising Ideas For Sororities And Fraternities

Getting a higher education isn’t cheap. If you want to live the Greek life as well, you will need to be creative with your financing. Fundraisers are one of the better ways for sororities and fraternities to raise money. In order to help you keep member fees down, Stickerbeat is pleased to offer a few fundraising ideas for sororities and fraternities.

Fundraising Ideas For Sororities And Fraternities

Sell Advertising Space If you have a well-designed website and a good newsletter, you can sell advertising space to any business that caters to students. Restaurants, retail merchants, and car dealerships are a few that come to mind. Auctions And Sales One of the easiest ways to raise money is by selling stuff. There are thousands of potential customers on campus; all you have to do is find a few products that people want to buy. Additionally, weather conditions can create unique selling opportunities. For example, sports fans will gladly pay two dollars for a modified trash bag to keep them dry during a sporting event. Host a Tournament A golf tournament is easy to organize and it can bring in thousands of dollars. Golfers love competitions and you don’t need to spend a fortune in prizes to make it attractive. Host A Benefit Dinner One of the more popular fundraising ideas for fraternities and sororities is to host a benefit dinner. You can either host a diner that is elegant and sophisticated or one that is based on standard fare. In addition, you can kick it up a notch by making it theme-based; a murder mystery theme goes well with the high-end offering while a celebrity dunk tank is guaranteed to make a fun night with the standard fare crowd. Fundraising ideas for sororities and fraternities

Stickers And Decals For Sororities And Fraternities

Stickers and decals are an effective way to brand your fraternity or sorority. They also make great items that can be sold or raffled off to raise money. Think of a few cool designs that students would like to have and order in large quantities to keep prices down and profits high.

Why Use Stickers And Decals For Sorority Advertising

Businesses make extensive use of stickers and decals for advertising because they’re effective and affordable. When made with bright colors and a catchy design, your stickers and decals will make you stand out from the crowd. Professionally made stickers and decals don’t cost much. Leave the homemade option for the groups with less ambition. If you make your stickers and swag with a unique logo and a cool slogan, your fellow students will be glad to paste them on lockers, laptops, backpacks and car bumpers. Select the format of sticker or decal you want and upload your artwork to Stickerbeat. All you have to do is ask, and our professional designers will work with you at no charge to make sure your materials really stand out.

Wrap Up – Fundraising Ideas For Sororities And Fraternities

You need to get creative to be successful at raising funds for your student organization. Hosting events that are fun and exciting will help you raise money and make belonging to your group a source of pride and achievement. Any of the fundraising suggestions in this article will help you raise money. Each also presents an opportunity to sell your branded stickers, decals and swag. Stickers and decals are the best way to boost awareness of your sorority or fraternity.