Glossy or Matte Die Cut Stickers Offer You Choice of Finishes

It’s all about options, and at Stickerbeat we give you the ability to customize everything about your die cut stickers and decals. You can also choose a glossy or matte finish on your die cut stickers for full personalization.

Glossy or Matte? Which finish do you fancy?

What’s the difference between matte and glossy die cut stickers?

We love to give you choices. Color, size, shape and finish are all available to you to 100% customize your personalized die cut sticker or decal project.

Both our glossy and matte finishes hold color beautifully, feature the same 3M graphic vinyl and are UV resistant. They can both be used indoors and out; so, it’s really a matter of personal taste which surface finish you prefer.

Glossy: this finish is super shiny and it makes a sticker pop with shine. Laptop stickers or event stickers really get a lot of attention thanks to a high gloss shine. You get a lot of color contrast due to the shine, so colors really pop. Glossy die cut stickers and decals have a decidedly modern feel with a lot of energy. If your sticker or decal has a lot of colors in it, go for glossy.

Matte: this has a soft satin appearance with a very low sheen. It’s ideal for stickers that have a photo image or a lot of detail. This finish provides low glare, so stickers blend in well to any surface it is adhered to. If you prefer a more subtle and muted look or your artwork has few colors—let matte add some extra sophistication. Matte finishes give an almost vintage feel to your decals thanks to its more eggshell toned coating.

Where do matte and glossy finishes work best?

Nothing beats a glossy sticker outdoors. If you want to add numbers to your mailbox, put a sticker on your car, or have a band to promote, go glossy for sure!

If you’ve got a wedding sticker you want to send out to family, want to put labels on a candle jar or you are creating a wall decal or lettering—then let matte be your friend.

There really is no wrong or right choice when you select matte or glossy, it’s all about preference. Either way, we can assure you that your sticker will look fabulous! The process is still easy and the same when ordering your personalized sticker or decals. Just upload your artwork, and decide whether you want a matte or glossy finish. We get your die cut sticker or decal shipped to you FREE within 3 days!