Help Stop the Spread with Custom COVID-19 Stickers!

covid 19 stickers

Proactively assist your customers and employees with custom COVID-19 stickers that educate them on required Coronavirus directives. Stickerbeat’s COVID-19 vinyl stickers help guide people in retail, commercial, hospitality, restaurant, warehouse, healthcare and Church environments. ANY type of business or group can benefit from Coronavirus stickers to positively encourage correct steps to take to keep everyone safe.

Flatten the Curve with Coronavirus Stickers that Encourage Customers and Employees

COVID-19 door stickers, wall stickers and window stickers can be clearly seen and are obvious to anyone in your space. Guide customers and employees with stickers that encourage them to “Wash your Hands,” “Cover your Cough,” or “Wear a Mask.” You can place stickers on your food dining tables so that customers understand clearly which tables to sit at in order to employ proper social distancing efforts.

covid 19 stickers

Let Stickerbeat help you create Coronavirus stickers that match your branding efforts and business color scheme. There is no need for garish stickers that don’t fit your brand--we can give you beautiful COVID-19 stickers that get the necessary point across and are appealing. We promise your Coronavirus stickers will be clearly seen by everyone, and yet look and feel appropriate in your environment.

Custom takeout and delivery stickers can be posted on your restaurant walls and windows to let your customers know that curbside pickup is an available option. Hand sanitizer labels customize every dispenser station or bottle of hand sanitizer at your business to look brand ready and safe! Stickerbeat’s COVID-19 floor decals help your customers with social distancing when they know exactly where to stand and in which direction to travel. Literally, every aspect of your COVID-19 customer and employee plan can be personalized specifically for you with a custom vinyl die cut sticker.

Stickerbeat is your Coronavirus Protection Partner when it comes to COVID-19 Stickers

Let Stickerbeat help you with your COVID-19 stickers so that your business meets all your state’s requirements. You can order just one sticker or we can help you build a complete COVID-19 sticker program that covers all the bases in your workplace or business. Stickerbeat is happy to partner with you to ensure your customers and employees are safe during Coronavirus and any health issues that may come up in the future.

covid 19 stickers

Show your support for essential workers, illustrate how we are all in this effort together to fight COVID-19 or spread the message to your fans with social distancing virtual events. Custom coronavirus stickers aren’t just for businesses, they can take up your personal cause too.

Stickerbeat’s custom vinyl die cut stickers are made of superior quality 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl that is durable, washable and scratch resistant. Our COVID-19 stickers can be placed on any flat surface indoors or even outside because they are UV, temperature and weather resilient. Our Coronavirus stickers are incredibly easy to install, and also easy to remove when you are ready. We promise they won’t bubble, peel or crack once you stick them down. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Our Graphics Design Team will Create Your COVID-19 Stickers for FREE

covid 19 stickers

Here are some FREE COVID-19 images and templates you can use for your Coronavirus stickers. Alternatively, you can upload your own unique custom COVID-19 sticker design into our handy tool if you prefer. OR you can call us to create a sticker for you at no additional charge. That’s right, our graphics design team is here for your use if you don’t have time to get creative and are working on more important things at your business. We will listen to your ideas about color, style size, and shape—and we will produce a stellar Coronavirus sticker that fits your requirement needs and is brand right. There is FREE SHIPPING on every sticker order--and we get it to you fast and within 3 days!

Let’s fight Coronavirus together and help your customers and employees stay safe.