Hot Sauce Labels

Stickerbeat’s hot sauce labels are the only way to brand your spicy concoction bottles to thrill your customers. Give your hot sauce bottles a professional look with custom labels that will make your products sell with recognized branding.

hot sauce labels

If you make your own hot sauce to sell at competitions, farmer’s markets or on a retail shelf—we've got the perfect hot sauce labels to cover your bottles. Feature your logo, ingredients info, flavors, your social media details and a clever name or photo on your label. Our stickers help you market to your buying audience.

Waterproof & Sauceproof

Our labels are perfect for food products. they feature a waterproof laminated topping that protects against spills and drips. Your hot sauce labels can easily be wiped down without any trouble. Our labels are safe even against sauces that contain high acids and vinegars. Our custom hot sauce labels can go from the refrigerator to the table with no issue. We promise your hot sauce labels will stay stuck no matter what.

Hot sauce custom labels

The graphic material we use on our labels is tough and highly resistant to scratching, so your bottle will look great no matter how many We can make any size, shape or color you want without any minimums. Go ahead with a traditional rectangle hot sauce label, or get unique with an off-the-wall shape. Our laser guided cutting blades can slice any intricate design you come up with, so be bold.

Custom Made To Order

Uploading your hot sauce label artwork is easy in our handy tool. We will then eyeball it to make sure everything looks great and send you a proof within a few hours. If you are delighted, you simply give your approval and we get off to printing. We promise to get your hot sauce labels to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING so you won’t have to wait long.

The special adhesive on our labels makes them super easy to put on. Once they are down, we can guarantee there won’t be any shenanigans like lifting, peeling or bubbles. Your products will look spectacular and professional. Your custom branded hot sauce labels will entice potential customers to make a purchase, and keep them buying more.

Add Some Sizzle to Your Brand!

Competition is tough in the hot sauce market, so be sure to stand out on the store shelves with bold color inks and images that make their mark. We can give you a budget-friendly product that markets your hot sauce with big impact. Don’t risk using cheap grade labels that don’t make your hot sauce products look fabulous the moment a potential customer sees them.

Let’s spice up your business with custom hot sauce labels that will add flavor to your product marketing strategy.