How to Brand Your Products to Be Memorable

Whether driving to work, watching TV, surfing the internet, or visiting the mall, consumers are bombarded by ads and promotions. They see numerous brands throughout the day, so if you want your products to stand out, you need to create a memorable brand that will stick with your target market long after they’ve encountered it. It might seem like a daunting task, especially when you might be competing against large corporations that have marketing budgets larger than the GDP of some small countries. The good news is that creating a memorable brand is possible for any company. It does require research and will take time and effort, but the results are well worth it. So, read on for some tips on creating a memorable brand.

Understand Your Customers

Creating a memorable brand starts with understanding your customers. Without in-depth knowledge of your target market, you will be hard-pressed to design a brand that they can relate to and that they will remember. However, don’t just stop at building the persona of your ideal customer. Dig deeper and find out what your customers already think of you. Remember, your brand isn’t what you believe it to be, but what other people say it is, which means you need to know what your prospects and customers think of you if you want to successfully build a memorable brand.

Make Sure People Perceive Your Brand Name Positively

Your brand needs to be associated with a powerful and compelling message that will resonate with your target market. So, develop a message that is as short as possible but that describes your brand as accurately as possible in terms of how you help your customers. Essentially, with that one message, you want prospects and customers to get a good idea of what they can expect when purchasing your products.

Maintain Consistency Across the Board

While creating a memorable brand for your products is important, you have to remember that you need to be consistent across the board. From the labels on your products to the website you promote them on, you have to make sure everything delivers the same message. If you want your brand to stick in consumers’ minds, which is what you should be aiming for, then you need to ensure that everything you do supports that. So, make sure that your brand cohesive across all prospect and customer touchpoints.

Make Sure Your Brand Is Honest and Human

If you want a memorable brand, then you have to make sure that you deliver on your promises. Honesty really is the best policy when dealing with consumers nowadays, and nothing will alienate your prospects and customers like promising them the moon and failing to deliver. Your brand also needs to be approachable and human. Thanks to technology, shopping is easier than ever before but all the automation has made it somewhat impersonal too. So, you need to make sure that your social media accounts, email accounts, and all other forms of interaction with your customers have real people behind them. A Twitter handle of @Chris_from_Brand will go over much better than simply @Brand. People want to know they’re dealing with other people. It also makes it much easier to start building a relationship with your customers because people connect with other people more easily than they do with a faceless entity.

Pick Up Your Humor and Dust It Off

If you want your brand to be memorable, there’s no better way to achieve that than by using a little humor to promote it. Whether you’re telling a funny story, making a joke, or creating a few witty memes, you’ll be surprised at how far humor can get you. As mentioned previously, you want your brand to feel approachable and human. And one of the best ways to do that is with humor. Think of the Super Bowl. While everyone definitely looks forward to the game, they are looking forward to the ads just as much. And guess which ads get the most exposure? The funniest ones of course. There are even lists of the funniest Super Bowl ads on YouTube which people watch months or even years after the game. Talk about creating a memorable brand. If you don’t feel your sense of humor is up to snuff, or you’re simply not sure how to incorporate it into your business, there’s lots of advice available online. Another option is to hire an expert who can write funny stories about your brand that you can then share on social media.

Keep It Simple Silly

Design is definitely an important part of creating a memorable brand, and y9ou might be tempted to get as complicated as possible. After all, your brand is complex and you have so much to say, you definitely need something a little more complicated, right? Going too complicated isn’t a good idea. The more complicated a design is, the harder it will be for people to remember. Instead, keep things simple. Don’t go overboard on colors, choose an easy-to-read font, and think minimal in terms of logo design. Think of Nike or Apple. There are few logos that are as recognizable, yet they are incredibly simple. The Nike swoosh and the Apple…well, apple. Even if you see the logo without the brand name, you instantly know what it is. You should also apply the same approach to your brand story. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for people to connect to and remember. While developing a memorable brand for your products is important, don’t forget that you also need to focus on the experience. In other words, you need to make sure that your customers have a positive experience with your products and throughout their journey with you so that they will have a positive perception of your brand. Otherwise, no matter how innovative your logo, color scheme, and website are, you won’t win customers over to your side. You want people to remember your brand for the right reasons, because that’s how you become a success.