Marketing Ideas For Holidays For Small Business

Many businesses are planning a marketing campaign for the Thanksgiving holiday using only traditional media like postcards and flyers. That’s a mistake because stickers aren’t just for kids anymore. Good marketing ideas for holidays will drive sales up and boost your brand image. A quality sticker is usually viewed as a gift. That makes it harder to throw away than other promotional items like brochures and flyers. In addition, they are more engaging than a business card. Because stickers are powerful sales and identity building tools, they should be a part of your marketing program. Here are a few ways you can use stickers to boost your Thanksgiving holiday profits.

Marketing Ideas For Holidays

1. Think outside the box and put attention-getting stickers in unexpected places. They grab your customer’s attention and they will stick in your customer’s minds. Here’s where imagination and ingenuity can beat out a bigger budget – think guerilla marketing.

Vehicles, trash cans, public restrooms, walls, floors and ceilings – all are perfect places for this type of marketing.

2. Use cues and clues to drive sales. Use footprint stickers to help customers find deals or arrows that direct customers to areas where you have special discounts. 3. Use stickers to drive sales of related products that go together. Place color-coded discount stickers on components that go together to increase overall sales for example. 4. Use attention-getting stickers directly on products. Create stickers that show a features and benefits list, a call to action, or some other device. This will encourage customers to buy your product now. 5. Use stickers to build on existing sales. You could use an in-the-box sticker to entice customers to make another purchase. Some examples would be an extended warranty or a discount on the purchase of a related product. 6. Stickers are easy to share. If you create a campaign that is easy to share, you maximize the odds that your campaign will go viral . Remember, the large majority of consumers rely on word of mouth as the biggest influence in their purchasing decisions.

Use Marketing Ideas That Work

Politicians and savvy business people have been marketing with stickers for over half a century. Promotional stickers come in all shapes and sizes and can be applied to all sorts of things. They can be placed on bottles, equipment, vehicles, signs, phones, windows, people… almost anywhere. Most of all, stickers are long-lasting and have a low cost per impression. Take advantage of this powerful, low-cost marketing medium and order Stickers That Rock.