Marketing E-Commerce Business's with Stickers

In a world where consumers have a ridiculous number of choices in regards to where they shop, it can be difficult for an e-commerce business to get ahead. An e-commerce business isn’t competing just with other e-commerce business, but also those stores with physical locations. But even if we just take into account the world of e-commerce, the competition is massive. And, just like in the physical space, you’re not competing just against small stores, but also giants lie Amazon. Can you even compete? Should you even bother? Is there any way you can set yourself apart from the pack? The good news is that the answer is a resounding “yes” to all of those questions. You just have to get a little more creative when it comes to your marketing tactics, and one great approach is sticker marketing.

Discover Why You Should Be Using Sticker Marketing for Your E-Commerce Business

Did you know that the average person receives 90 emails? Or that they get 67 text messages? Or that they are exposed to over 3,000 ads? And that all those figures are for a single day? Clearly, most people are suffering from information overload, which is why they tend to tune out all the advertising messages they receive or are exposed to. Who wouldn’t? At some point, your mind just gives up and starts ignoring all the ads because there are simply too many of them. But what if you used a completely different approach to connect with consumers? Something that they don’t expect? And what if that approach has the added benefits of not being perceived as advertising by consumers and being pretty low-cost in comparison to other, more traditional advertising tactics? You already know that we’re referring to sticker marketing, of course.

Set Your Brand Apart with Custom Stickers

The biggest advantage to using stickers to market your e-commerce business is that you are definitely separating yourself from the pack. Instead of you sending the 91st email of the day, or the 68th email, or being ad number 3,001 consumers see, you are using a completely different channel to reach them that isn’t overcrowded. On top of that, not many e-commerce businesses use stickers to attract consumers and build loyalty. They stick to what they consider are tried and true methods for ecommerce, which usually involves a heavy focus on online marketing, with very little attention paid to off-line tactics. This means that it’s easier than ever to set yourself apart by using a cost-effective tactic like sticker marketing.

Consumers Don’t Perceive Stickers as Advertising

Another advantage to stickers is that consumers don’t see them as advertising. In fact, they consider them a gift, and many like to show them off by putting them on their personal belongings. So, you’re already ahead of the game when you hand out stickers because you’re not irritating your customers with even more advertisements. Instead, they will remember your brand because you gave them something that they consider valuable. Furthermore, because of it, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. In other words, by giving out stickers you are building a network of loyal advocates who will not only spend more money with your business but also recommend it to their social circles. And nowadays, thanks to social media, those social circles can be massive. Yes, by recommending your brand, they are essentially advertising it. However, their peers will perceive it completely differently because it’s coming from someone they know and trust, rather than from the brand itself. It’s word-of-mouth advertising at its best.

Stickers Act as Endorsements

We’re certain you’ve seen plenty of laptops, backpacks, and even cars with a slew of stickers on them. When you look at the brands on those stickers, your first thought is that the person who owns the laptop really must like those brands, right? Of course. So, by giving prospects and customers stickers, you are turning them into walking billboards for you. However, keep in mind that the space on people’s belongings is at a premium, which means that your sticker has to be pretty awesome to make the grade.

How to Make the Most of Your Sticker Marketing Campaign

First off, don’t go the cheapest route you can. Stickers are already cost-effective so you can spend a tiny bit extra to get really top-quality, die-cut stickers to entice your customers to display them. That’s where the interesting thing occurs. When people display stickers, they are more likely to choose the ones to display based on their design rather than the brand itself. So, if you have a really well-designed sticker – even something with an inspirational message that still incorporates your logo – you are more likely to get it displayed. And sometimes, the people displaying your stickers might not even be your customers yet. They might have received the sticker from a friend or even traded for it with others who love stickers. And that’s another reason you want to make sure your sticker is totally incredible. People trade stickers. And, even better, if you’re sticker is really awesome, you might even get people asking you for a sticker because they like it so much. That’s exactly the point you want to get to. When people want your stickers because they are so attractive, you’ll find that word spreads like wildfire. The key to sticker marketing is a great design. But to do that, you really need to understand your target market. You can pick up your custom die cut stickers here. If you sell tools, for example, and your main demographic consists of construction workers, it’s unlikely that stickers with kitty memes are going to make an impact on them. They might like to laugh at them, but probably in private. It’s very unlikely they’ll display them to all and sundry. However, once you understand your target market and find a design and message that resonates with them, you’ll find your stickers being displayed all over the place. And there’s no better advertising for your e-commerce business than active and passive endorsements from your customers.