Personalize Your Wedding And Make It A Special Day

There seems to be a million things to think of when you start to plan your big day. Just remember it’s easy to personalize your wedding day by making it more your own. From picking a date to sending out invitations, it’s important to add your personal touch to all aspects of the event. At Stickerbeat, we’d love to help and be part of your big day, so we’ve come up with a few ways to make sure you put your stamp on every piece of the event!

How To Personalize Your Wedding

1. Save-the-Date Magnets Shake up the traditional save-the-date invitation and give your guests something different. Save-the-date magnets are practical and they’re guaranteed to remind your guests of when your special day is. Don’t like magnets - print off some personalized calendar stickers for your save-the-dates. 2. Create a Unique #hashtag Don’t forget about your social media addicted friends. Remind them of your special day with your own personal hashtag. It’s a guaranteed buzz-builder. 3. Add Personalized Labels to Guest Favors Give your guests something that will remind them of your wedding! Add personalized labels to your favors for that extra special touch. You can make labels for candy, gift bags, boxes, or any kind of personalized wedding gift. Need an idea? Try ‘Mint to Be’ mint cases or homemade jam! 4. Make a Custom CD of Your Favorite Songs Nothing is more personal than a soundtrack of your favorite songs. Order custom labels along with your stickers to create another long-term reminder of your special day. 5. Personalized Tumblers Whether you are planning a local wedding or a destination wedding, personalized tumblers are the perfect gift for your wedding party. Not only are they practical but they look great in pictures (and prevent spills). 6. Car Decals Here’s a twist on the traditional. Personalize your getaway car with temporary custom window decals. You will love them every time you look back on your pictures and videos of the event. 7. Custom Wine Labels Jazz up your tables by adding custom labels to your table wine. Not only will guests love them - they make wonderful keepsakes.

Personalize Your Wedding To Make It Special

When you do something to add your personal touch, always remember to tie it back to the overall wedding vision for consistency. Make sure some of the elements are consistent in all your items. Colors, fonts, the format of the date - all of these should have some consistent elements that tie it all together. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. By adding your personal touch to various parts of the event, you will make sure it will be a day you and your guests will never forget! Brides, remember you save 20% off all wedding related orders by using promo code BRIDE.