Repositional Stickers Use Static Cling for the Perfect Temporary Solution

Repositional stickers are the best because they will cling to any glass surface! It can be a window, door, tabletop, mirror, refrigerator and more—if it’s made of glass or a slick non-porous surface--our static cling repositional stickers will hang tight.

static cling decals

Custom repositional stickers require no use of adhesives. Because of this, they can be removed and re-stuck over and over again with no harm to your glass surface. Placing your static cling sticker is a breeze, too. Just wipe your surface clean and remove your repositionable sticker cling from its backing. Make sure your glass surface is warm enough to be room temperature and simply place your sticker where you want it. Avoid cold surfaces, as this reduces the ability for the static needed for a cling sticker to grip.

Do No Harm to Your Surfaces with a Repositional Sticker Cling

Go ahead and decorate your home’s windows with your custom holiday images. Speak to your customers with a sticker cling at your business about a sale or your store hours. If you want to make a change simply remove your repositional sticker with ease. If you’d like to move your static cling sticker elsewhere, you can go ahead and do that. We promise that no surface will be damaged when using a Stickerbeat repositional sticker.

Get Loads of Branding Mileage from your Static Cling Sticker

If you own a shop, you can use repositional static cling stickers in many ways that drive brand recognition. You can place repositional stickers on your refrigerator doors to encourage customers to buy your frosty beverages. Dessert glass display cases can feature beautiful artwork to sell your bakery goods. Dress up your shop windows with inexpensive signage that draws customers in to browse.

A hair salon can add inexpensive decorative interest to their mirrors with a sassy static cling repositionable sticker that shouts out “You are Beautiful!” to any client. Any vehicle can feature static cling stickers on the windows. This is great if you are driving customers or wanting to show off your brand image in a cool way.

Choose a matte or glossy finish and whatever size, shape and color you want your static cling sticker to be. Your repositional static cling sticker can hang on the inside or the outside of your glass—whichever you prefer. Upload your custom repositional sticker into our website and we will get you a proof within hours. If you are stumped for a concept for your static cling sticker, we can help! Let our design team rescue you with a concept based on your ideas. We won’t leave you hanging if you don’t know where to start.

Just like all of our stickers and decals, your repositionable static cling stickers will be printed and shipped to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING. Stickerbeat will never charge you sneaky fees like set-up fees or additional color charges. Everything custom vinyl repositionable sticker we sell is high quality and features our what-you-see-is-what-you-get reasonable pricing.