Save-The-Date Stickers For Your Event!

Most people have so much going on in their lives nowadays that remembering a date for an event can be problematic. Even with all the reminder tools on smartphones, laptops, and myriad other devices people have, forgetting an important event is not unusual. Electronic reminders might be useful, but, let’s face it, an event like a wedding, anniversary, or baby shower requires a little preparation, so a reminder a few hours before the event is not going to cut it. This is where save-the-date stickers come in.

Why Save-the-Date Stickers?

Firstly, save-the-date stickers are fun. In fact, all stickers are fun, and when your invitees receive theirs, they’re going to be ecstatic. These stickers will set your event apart, and by doing so, will keep it fresh in the minds of your guests. Of course, since they are save-the-date stickers, they can be displayed in a prominent place, ensuring your invitees don’t forget that all-important event until the last minute. You can opt for small save-the-date stickers that people can put on their calendars. These are definitely a good idea, but you have to consider that not everyone has a printed calendar. Some rely on their devices for their calendar needs, which means that if your sticker is a simple photo without a date, it’ll be useless. On the other hand, you can go with a larger design that can be displayed directly on the fridge or in another prominent place in people’s homes. The design should, of course, include the date. That is the point, after all. These types of stickers will be suitable for everyone, whether they have printed calendars or not. Of course, you could go all out and send out both types of stickers to really make everyone on your guest list happy. And, since people love stickers, the more the merrier.

What Type of Stickers to Use?

You have a couple of options with save-the-date stickers. You can either go the kiss-cut sticker route or go for die-cut stickers. Sticker sheets won’t really work in this case since you’ll be giving them out to different people. Kiss-cut stickers are the ones that have been lightly cut around their borders, but the cut doesn’t go through the backing. So, your sticker could be shaped like a football, but it will be on rectangular backing for example. These are a good idea if your design has really delicate, lacy edges because they’ll be protected by the backing. Die-cut stickers, on the other hand, have custom shapes according to the design of your sticker. When they are cut around the edges of the sticker, the cut goes through the backing material too. So, a football sticker will be shaped like a football. These are generally more attractive than kiss-cut stickers, which is why many people prefer them.

When Save-the-Date Stickers Are an Awesome Idea

Save-the-date stickers are fun and act as a great reminder for your guests. Here are a few situations that these stickers are amazing for.

We’re Engaged!

If you’ve decided to celebrate your engagement with a party and are inviting all your friends and family, you might want to get a little more creative than sending out an e-vite. Yes, an e-vite will make it easier for people to add the party to their calendars, but there’s a good chance your event will get lost among the gazillion other things your guests have in their calendars. So, just to make sure no one forgets, you could also send out save-the-date stickers. You don’t have to go overboard and have invitations printed too. It is an engagement party after all. Printing out a bunch of save-the-date stickers with the date and a cute design won’t set you back an arm and a leg, but it will definitely make sure everyone remembers to attend your engagement party.

We’re Getting Married!

Obviously, save-the-date stickers are ideal for a wedding. You’ll have to include invitations as well, because that’s tradition, but including save-the-date stickers will ensure no one forgets about the big day. Plus, since they’ll see that sticker practically every day – you will be printing both calendar and larger versions, right? – they’ll have lots of time to come up with and buy an awesome gift. It’ll definitely be better than anything they bought in a rush a few hours before having to turn up because they forgot it was your big day. Just remember when designing the sticker that if you want people to display it prominently (and not just in their calendars), you’re going to need an attractive design.

We’re Celebrating Our Anniversary!

Anniversary celebrations are another excellent time to send out save-the-date stickers. Again, like with the engagement party, you don’t have to go wild and print invitations too. A cute sticker with a nice design and the date of the party will be more than enough. Just make sure your sticker also includes what the event is. You want people to remember why the date in question is important, right?

We’re Having a Baby!

Celebrating new life is definitely the perfect time to send out save-the-date stickers. You want your friends and family with you to share in the joy of your family growing, which makes it the perfect time to send out these stickers. And, as with your wedding, it gives people time to get some awesome gifts for the baby. There’s no need to feel bad. Your guests will actually thank you because no one likes buying a gift in a rush, especially when it’s for a baby shower. Save-the-date stickers are perfect for any important event where you need people to remember to attend. Electronic calendars and reminders might be effective, but they’re nowhere near as much fun. So, whether you’re inviting your kids’ friends to a birthday party, are celebrating an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, these stickers are a lovely way to keep your event front and center in the minds of your invitees.