The Benefits of Using Die Cut Stickers for Your E-Commerce Business

Die Cut Stickers for E-Commerce

As an e-commerce business, getting your customers to remember you without bombarding them with emails they ignore is the key to success. Let’s face it, emails are snubbed because we get them by the hundreds daily. BUT, people love getting freebies, and you can inexpensively give each of your customers e-commerce die cut stickers with every order you ship out to tap into the power of indirect promotion.

E-commerce stickers are a non-traditional and non-boring way to market and advertise to your customer base in an original way that in unexpected and doesn’t feel like a preachy and pestering email. It separates you from the zillions of other internet businesses without spending a bundle of money in a different and innovative way that doesn’t feel like you are selling them a thing. In fact, they feel like they are getting something for free! Fun!

A Sticker Has Legs and Can Travel the World with Your Brand

A Stickerbeat die-cut sticker helps you get the word out to your fans and customers in an unconventional manner that spreads the word beyond just that one client. Since our stickers can be stuck on laptops, drink cups, cell phone cases, car windows and bumper stickers—you have the ability to reach people that are not yet customers and draw them in, too.

Custom Open Source Stickers

Your sticker gets additional mileage because every time your target customer walks around with your e-commerce sticker stuck to an everyday and portable object, additional eyes have a peek at your brand and message too! It’s an expensive promotion that delivers many times over for a long period of time rather than a forgotten one-time email. Ca-ching!

You don’t need expensive public relations to keep your name in front of your customers, just pop a few e-commerce stickers in each one of the orders you send out and your brand and logo are sure to have staying power with something that they can physically see and hold in their hands.

custom stickersMake Your Message Memorable and Known to your customers

We love it when you get clever about getting your messages out to your customers and use Stickerbeat to your advantage. You can offer your customers free stickers if they fill out a survey, opt into your newsletter, contest giveaways or adding a friend to your mailing list. Growing your business and brand loyalty cheaply (at just pennies per client!) is a smart way to drive more orders and build recognition with lasting effects. We suggest you offer new stickers at different intervals to keep your customer engaged and wondering what’s up next. Die cut stickers are sure to make your brand memorable and keep more orders rolling in.

Be Different and Be Daring!

We recommend you don’t just create a ho-hum sticker to give away to your customers, as it’s the perfect opportunity to really do and say something different. Sure, show off your logo—but you might also want to add a clever tagline that turns heads. Target your sticker with laser focus to your customer base and it’s sure to get attention and lots of traction. If young fashionistas are your customer, then be sure to offer a swanky image that they will be proud to display. Go high-tech and cool for your electronically obsessed fans, and don’t hesitate to add a humorous quote and a cute pup or kitty image for your pet infatuated clients.

Contact Stickerbeat today so that we can help you develop an e-commerce sticker strategy that works to drive sales for your business!