The Diverse Universe of Custom Stickers

Custom stickers have a wide range of applications, whether you’re looking to increase brand exposure, build customer loyalty, or are simply looking for the cost-effective and highly engaging form of marketing for your brand. However, the universe of stickers is highly diverse, and if you aren’t sure what they immobile, it can be difficult to choose the best option for your brand. Below you’ll find some of the most common types of stickers, along with a quick look at what they can be used for and their benefits.

Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers preacher custom shapes as they are cut out along the outline of the design, all the way through the backing paper as well. They can be used for any application and make great giveaways. The main advantage of these types of stickers is they tend to stand out and also have a higher perceived value. They also look great and tend to draw the eye more than other types of stickers, especially if you have a unique design.

Geometric Stickers

Geometric stickers come in a variety of shapes. They can be round, square, rectangular, oval and so on. They tend to have more space for your design but are still interesting enough to draw the eye. Like die cut stickers, they can be used in a wide range of applications, but they’re especially great when you have a more complex message you want to deliver. Lots of room means your message can be more extensive. However, don’t go overboard because you still want to grab people’s attention and keep it. An overly complex message will do the opposite.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are specifically designed to go on cars. They’re weather- and UV-resistant and tend to stand up to harsher environmental conditions quite well. These make a great option for brand exposure, but they’re not that great for complicated messages because the distance is a consideration. After all, if you’re using tiny writing on a bumper sticker, you can’t really expect anyone to see it properly. Remember that bumper stickers can get you a whole lot of exposure – quite a bit more than other types of stickers simply because of where they’re applied. After all, a vehicle tends to get around and be seen by many more eyes than a laptop or backpack, for example. However, to get the most bang for your back, make sure the text is easy to read from a distance and that the design draws the eye without being overly complicated. The simpler it is, the less time someone needs to look at it to get it, which is exactly what you want considering that most people will see it in traffic.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers are sort of like die cut stickers in the sense that the sticker itself is cut out along the outline of the design, but the cut doesn’t go all the way through and the backing paper remains intact. These are a great option for stickers with highly delicate edges that won’t stand up well to a lot of “manhandling” as the backing paper will protect them. Like die cut stickers, they can be used for virtually anything from promoting your brand to supporting your favorite sports team.

Clear Stickers

Clear stickers are printed on clear vinyl, which makes them excellent for putting on windows or glass walls. The design can be printed on the front or the back, depending on your needs. In other words, you can apply the sticker on the inside of a window and have it facing outwards. These stickers are perfect for store displays or for people to put in their car windows. Remember to consider the application as it will impact the design. A sticker for a car window, for example, should be much simpler in design than one for a shop window. With the latter, people can stop to look at it better, but with the former, this isn’t always the case and to get the greatest degree of exposure, you want people to get the message quickly.

Reflective Stickers

If you really want everyone to see your stickers, then reflective stickers are a great option. Printed on top-quality reflective material, they come with a really nice shine and glimmer that will undoubtedly draw eyes. They also make great giveaways because they have a high perceived value. Plus, people will be enchanted to receive such amazing-looking stickers and are more likely to display them on their personal belongings. This, in turn, acts as an endorsement for your brand, and no marketing is quite as effective as word-of-mouth marketing. And there’s also the fact that anyone who sees them will want some of their own.

Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are sheets of kiss-cut stickers. In other words, a large sheet with multiple stickers. These are great for a wide range of applications, but especially when you have to remove and apply a lot of stickers. Die-cut stickers are great but removing the backing paper can sometimes be a pain. Conversely, separating stickers from a sheet is much easier and faster. So, if you’re printing labels or envelope seals or pretty much anything that you have to remove in a large quantity, then sticker sheets are your best bet. They also make great giveaways since you can have multiple designs on the same sheet. This is a great way to give out sets of different stickers to people while making sure they’re protected. The world of stickers is certainly a very diverse one, but pretty much all of these stickers are a great option if you’re looking for an engaging marketing approach that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, whether you want to let more people know about your brand, or need to advertise a special promotion, or are simply looking for a great but inexpensive way to reward your customers and build loyalty, then custom stickers are definitely your best bet.