Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors

Many deals are done at trade shows every year. And, while we know the big booths have the edge, there are many strategies small business owners can use to get better results. Here’s our list of trade show tips for exhibitors:

Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors

1. Pre-Show Marketing A lot of the magic behind successful events happens pre-show. Use social media and standard media to get the word out. Cash in on the buzz created by other exhibitors and turn the show into a major sales event for your business. 2. The Best Location You Can Afford Get the best booth location you can afford. You need to do this early because prime locations sell out fast. In fact, you may need to look one or two years down the road to get one of the better spots. 3. An Early Start Businesses who prepare for a trade show early tend to have the most success. You don’t want to get bogged down with small details right when the show starts. Get an early start on designing and building your booth. Who is going to deliver and install it? Take care of the small details early on so you can focus on making it a great experience. 4. A Big First Impression We all know first impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to use bright, bold colors and big images to make your message stand out. Besides physical size, you can make an exhibit look bigger by including fewer elements on it. Place your branding at two to three times the height of your visitors so they can see it whether they are in the booth, down the aisle or at the far end of the trade show. Oh, and don’t forget to use floor stickers to take advantage of the orienting reflex. bright color graphics for exhibitors 5. A Crowd At Your Booth People are drawn to exhibits that appear to be successful. A booth that is surrounded by people draws the audience in. Have a few staff members and their family on hand to pose as attendees during quiet moments.

More Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors

6. Extend Your Reach An easy way to extend your booth’s reach is to give away highly visible promotional items. Tie them in with a draw at the end of the show to give an incentive to wear them. Branded stickers and wearables are good examples. Items like these can create a lot of buzz because the more people wear them, the more others want to. Plus, they’re a good conversation starter with attendees. 7. Form Alliances The fact that many exhibitors at trade shows have the same audience presents an opportunity. You could trade leads and contact information with any business that isn’t in direct competition with you. Partner with brands that sell different or complimentary products and services to the same target audience as you do. 8. Give Them A Taste Make sure attendees experience your value proposition. Give them a taste of what it is you do. If you’re a high-tech brand, give them a high-tech experience. If you’re known for service, be the best host at that show. 9. The Customer Experience The customer experience begins before and lasts beyond the trade show. Will they find you when they search online for topics related to your business? Does someone answer the phone when a customer calls? Do your visitors get a memorable gift? trade show tips for exhibitors 2 10. Create Value What matters to the customer is this: did they find a solution to their problem at your booth? Have your best sales people on hand and make sure your staff is well-trained so they can share a few success stories about existing clients.

Final Thoughts On Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to pick up new clients and build brand awareness. You will get better results if you get an early start and have a good marketing campaign. Remember to follow up quickly with new leads after the show.