Visually Delight Customers with Food Truck Stickers that Entice Attention

Food trucks have become glorious rolling restaurants, and their popularity is soaring thanks to creative chefs utilizing these gourmet vehicles to deliver their cuisine right to your local sidewalk. Stickers for food trucks are key to a food truck’s success and have multiple benefits that come at a very low cost.

custom die cut food truck stickers

Custom food truck die cut vinyl stickers serve to brand your food service truck so it is highly recognizable to your foodie fans. Customers will flock to your mobile food wagon when they see it covered with bright signage that you can easily apply yourself. Your stickers can be huge or small. You can post your menu, your logo, fun sayings or whatever you want! If your menu offerings change, don’t worry—that sticker can easily be removed and replaced.

Food truck stickers

There is no need to get an expensive truck wrap that costs lots of money because of its complexity to install. Stickerbeat’s custom food truck stickers are dummy-proof and ANYONE can install them. Start with a clean, dry surface and remove the backing paper and lay your sticker down. Apply even pressure all around and you are done! We promise there will be no bubbling, peeling or cracking. You can make easily remove your stickers at any time when you are ready for something new to keep things interesting!

Food truck festival stickers

There are roughly 25,000 food trucks driving around the US spreading food joy. If you are thinking of sprucing up your food cantina on wheels or buying a new one—be sure to outfit it with fabulous stickers for food trucks that snag lots of attention. Studies show that food trucks are safer than your average brick and mortar restaurant. Food trucks have to be inspected in the same way a restaurant is, so they have to follow the same strict food codes. Creative chefs with tons of talent are at the helm of many food trucks that are drawing excitement.

Quality You Can See and Feel

food truck custom stickers

Stickerbeat uses superior 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl that is 4mm thick and what the pros use. Our vinyl is UV resistant and waterproof. Even if your food truck is sitting in direct sunlight, rain or high winds—our stickers are guaranteed to stay stuck! Our food truck stickers are fade-resistant and can accept fluctuating hot and cold temperatures. These stickers can take a beating and are scratch-proof. Our inks are designed to stay vibrant over time. They are also made of vinyl that can be easily wiped down even if faced with grease or fingerprints.

Virally Market your Menu and Brand with Sticker Giveaways!

hamburger food truck

You can also create food truck stickers that you can give away to your hungry devotees. This tactic offers promotional appeal for very little cost on your part. Your supporters will place these stickers on their cars, mobile devices and insulated drink cups. Stickers will act as personal advertising billboards for you. They will spread your brand image around with very little effort on your or their part. Viral marketing goes a long way—don’t miss out on its incredible value!


stickers for food trucks

Whether you are selling hot dogs, donuts or lobster rolls, our food truck and concession stickers work. They can visually show exactly what you’re selling from a great distance thanks to large scale stickers that stand out! Get customers moving in your direction when they see your menu offerings. This is thanks to large scale images that make heads turn. When you are at an event with a sea of other food trucks -- make sure you have a reason that make customers stand in your line!

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