Waterproof Stickers: Get Them Wet, Know They’ll Stay Stuck

Waterproof stickers go wherever you want them to and stay stuck no matter the environment. With so many places to include stickers that might encounter water—cups, helmets, canoes, coolers, signs, and more. When you need stickers that are durable and reliable, waterproof stickers from Stickerbeat are the best choice.

What Makes Our Stickers Waterproof?

The production process and materials we use ensure stickers are waterproof, not just water-resistant. There’s a big difference between the two. Waterproof means the stickers can endure everything from a cycle through the dishwasher to submerging in a river. 

We use a special waterproof vinyl that’s from .4-mil. 3M that includes a protective laminated layer. This keeps the sticker safe from moisture and prevents fading from the sun and scratching. The adhesive is waterproof, as well. That’s why they won’t fall off when they come into contact with water. The adhesive has a five-year life expectancy. They peel right off from the backer to ensure a smooth installation. 

The ink we use in printing is from a collaboration between Epson and 3M, so the vibrant colors in your stickers won’t lose their hues from water either. In addition, both the ink and the protective layer provide UV resistance. 

So, where can you use waterproof stickers? The possibilities are endless.

Stick a Waterproof Sticker on That!

You can probably think of 100 different places to stick a waterproof sticker. Now that you know how tough they are, here are some ideas:

  • Cups of any size or material: Personalize these as gifts or put your company logo on them for customer and employee giveaways. Remember, they’re dishwasher safe.
  • Outdoor gear: Adhere stickers to any type of equipment you need for outdoor sports to show off your personality—surfboards, skis, snowmobiles, kayaks, bike helmets, boats, etc.
  • Exterior signage: Need to update a sign? No need to reprint them all. Just add a sticker to update them.

These are just a few ideas, but wherever there’s a surface, a sticker will stay stuck.

What Kind of Stickers Can Be Waterproof?

All stickers we provide in the different shapes and sizes are waterproof. You don’t have to pay up charges because every label uses the same material described above. You have your choice of :

  • Custom die cut stickers: These stickers can have any shape, depending on your art. With precision production and cutting, every sticker is high-quality.
  • Kiss cut stickers: This option is cut perfectly out of the border they sit inside of using a special blade. No matter how detailed or ornate, these stickers are cut accurately every time.
  • Holographic stickers: Choose these iridescent, shiny vinyl stickers with a rainbow effect to add something unique to stickers. 
  • Sticker sheets: If you have a high volume of stickers to order, you can do so by the sheet. Our sheets are 8.5 x 11-inch. These smaller items are great for marketing your business, attaching to products, or for use on any exterior surface. 
  • Standard shapes: Waterproof stickers are also available in circles, rectangles, ovals, squares, and rounded corners. 

Order Waterproof Stickers from Stickerbeat

No matter the size or quantity needed, Stickerbeat can fulfill your waterproof sticker needs. With so many options on sizes and shapes, you can create a custom sticker from scratch. The high-quality materials we use ensure your sticker will withstand snow, rain, and the sun. 

Ordering is easy. You simply choose the shape, size, quantity, and finish (matte or gloss). Then upload your art. You’ll receive a proof to confirm. Once you approve, the production begins. Our typical turnaround time is three business days, and the shipping is on us. 

Customize your waterproof stickers today. Start shopping!