What is the Difference Between Kiss Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets?

You may be wondering: “Is a kiss cut sticker or a sticker sheet best for me?” Truly, you can’t go wrong with either one, but there certainly are applications when one might be a better option over the other. Let’s explore what’s available at Stickerbeat ...

Benefits of Kiss Cut Stickers

Individual kiss cut stickers can be practically ANY shape you can dream up. It doesn’t matter if its extremely ornate with frilly details—our laser guided blades can cut your custom kiss cut sticker no matter how intricate you make it. Individual kiss cut stickers sit on top of your backing paper without a border around them, so they are really easy to peel. They provide a nifty alternative to die cut stickers in that your artwork can be cut right up to the very edge with no border. You can get your kiss cut stickers individually or on rolls.

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Kiss cut stickers typically come on a square or rectangle backer paper and are not cut into the shape of your sticker. This is what makes them easy peel and protects the edges of your sticker from damage. This also makes them easy to hand out quickly at events.

Benefits of Sticker Sheets

Imagine 10 different designs on one 8.5” x 11” page! That’s the beauty of a sticker sheet! Custom sticker sheets are cool because they give you the option to feature one single sticker design on a sheet; OR you can have up to 10 different ones on a page for variety. Sticker sheets showcase your stickers nestled within your vinyl sheet so they can just be plucked out. If you are ordering small quantities of stickers, sticker sheets offer you a budget way of doing it.

sticker sheets

Uses for Kiss Cut Stickers

Individual kiss cut stickers are sweet when you want to wow customers with your presentation as they appear expensive (but they really aren’t!). You can hand out each one with ease and they can be any size you choose. If you are handing out stickers at events, single kiss cut stickers make a statement. They promote your brand in an exciting way, and make perfect logo stickers or car bumper stickers. You can give them away to customers and they can be put on laptops, water bottles and coolers. If you want to spread your brand to the masses, separate kiss cut stickers get the job done effectively.

Uses for Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are great when you are trying to showcase your stickers for sale or promote your artwork in one cohesive presentation. Since you can get many images on one page, it’s a gorgeous way to organize stickers in a unified manner. If you are dressing up a booth for promotional purposes, sticker sheets give you the ability to stick your stickers quickly and with ease. Address labels are ideal on a sticker sheet, or if you have a small number of products you want to label.

stickerbeat makes custom sticker sheets just for you

Deciding between a die cut sticker and kiss cut sticker can seem tricky, but really it comes down to delivery and what your application is. Whether you need a single kiss cut sticker on a page or you need multiple stickers on a sticker sheet is really the same thought process. Consider the use of your sticker and then find the least expensive solution that makes the most sense.

Either way, Stickerbeat will get your fantastic kiss cut stickers printed and delivered to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING!

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