What is the difference between soft and hard surface vinyl floor decals?

You may be wondering what the differences are between carpet and hard surface vinyl floor decals?

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Hard surface floor decals can be placed on any smooth dry surface such as wood, tile, laminate and concrete. They have a removable adhesive that sticks to these surfaces with ease and can be removed whenever necessary without destruction to the surface or leaving a sticky mess.

Stickerbeat also makes floor decals that can effectively be used on low pile carpet. A carpet vinyl floor decal features a special adhesive that is stronger than hard surface adhesive but can still be removed without damage or nasty residue when the time comes.

What kind of adhesive do Stickerbeat’s floor and carpet decals use?

We don’t play when it comes to the adhesive properties of our floor decals. We know that our customers don’t want vinyl floor stickers that will lift, peel or bubble once put down. At the same time, we understand that when you are ready to remove your carpet or floor decal--that you don’t want it to damage your surface or leave behind a gooey muddle. Our special adhesive has the ability to balance both aspects of our customer’s floor decal needs.

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Because we use 3M Scotchcal vinyl, our floor decals are anti-slip and adhere without bubbles, lifting or peeling. It doesn’t matter how many customers stand on our floor decals, they are made to last! Not only do they adhere easily, but they are super easy to remove when the time comes for a change without damage to your floor surface or leaving a sticky mess behind.

Our vinyl carpet floor decals have a higher degree of tackiness that gives them a deeper grip into the fibers of low pile carpeting. Carpet stickers are great in temporary situations in offices, convention center booths, etc. You can easily market to your customers with a custom floor carpet decal. They can last up to 6 months and feature a non-slip surface for your safety.

Where can I use my carpet and hard surface vinyl floor decals?

Hard surface floor decals are designed for non-porous smooth surfaces. Wood, laminate, tile, granite, vinyl, and concrete are great candidates for a custom floor decal.

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Carpet floor decals are NOT designed to be used on thick or high pile carpet. They need a low pile carpet with a tight weave that tends to be commercial grade. They can also work on floor mats, like the ones in your car. Carpet floor decals are the ideal way to brand your business in a temporary way for promotional events, car shows, when a visual directional cue is needed to move traffic in one way, etc.

All of our custom vinyl floor decals feature the same slip-resistant surface. Whether they are sitting on top of carpet or a solid surface, they are super easy to walk on and are made to withstand heavy, direct traffic thanks to our special laminated topping for durability.

Our high-performance floor decals are of a professional commercial quality made from 3M Scotchcal vinyl that will ensure customers get around your location and provide you with business branding. Your floor decal can feature any shape, size, color or design you want. We can get it printed, cut and sent out to you within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING!