5 Ways You Can Display Your Sticker Collection

Sticker collections aren’t just for kids! While we all remember the “sticker books” from our childhood, now the possibilities are endless to show off the stickers that are a sign of your personality, interests, and fandom. So, what are the best ways to display your sticker collection? We’ve got lots of creative ideas ahead.

Can You Put Stickers Anywhere?

In many cases, yes, you can stick them just about anywhere. However, the type of sticker and its quality may limit you. For example, only high-quality vinyl stickers that are waterproof will survive the elements or a dishwasher. Additionally, there may be concerns about removing stickers. Cheaper products may be a pain to peel off and leave behind residue. Stickers printed on 3M vinyl are easy to take off and don’t leave any gunk behind. 

The Best Ways to Display Your Sticker Collection

For those sticker enthusiasts of any age, how should you display your collection? We’ve got some ideas to inspire you.

Laptops: Stickers Can Spark a Conversation

Laptop computers are a perfect surface for your stickers. It’s also not hard to remove stickers from a laptop (as long as they’re 3M vinyl!). Laptops are portable. Yours may be a frequent visitor to your office, a coffee shop, or on a flight. 

Because you can transport them around, it offers others the chance to see your collection. It may even be a conversation starter. Stickers for bands, sports teams, and colleges can cause people to comment, and who knows—you may walk away with a new friend. 

There can be a social aspect to sticker collections. If you want to show the world what you love or believe in, then your laptop is a great place for your favorite stickers.

Coolers: Show Your Team Pride

Large coolers have a lot of real estate for stickers. They are also something that gets to leave home, whether that’s a day at the beach or camping for the weekend. Coolers often have a textured exterior, but that shouldn’t impact sticker adherence if the stickers you use have a block out bubble free adhesive. They’ll go on smoothly.

Coolers obviously get wet, so the stickers will need to be waterproof. Also, coolers can get banged around a bit in transport, so it’s best to use stickers with a laminate so that they're scratch-resistant. 

If you bring your cooler to a tailgate party, it’s the perfect canvas for a collection of stickers supporting your team and favorite players. 

DIY Projects: Upcycle and Create Some Art

Another way to display your sticker collection is to create art with them with a DIY project. You could use old furniture or materials and upcycle them. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Show off your travel stickers on a vintage suitcase or trunk: If you collect stickers on your travels and want to show them off, upcycle an old suitcase. Lay them out and rearrange them until the placement looks good. Then stick them on and add this new one-of-a-kind art piece to your home’s décor. 

  • Repurpose old bookshelves with new life: If you have a bookshelf that’s still got good bones, try a makeover with some of your stickers. Randomly stick them on or plan out a specific pattern.
  • Salvage a broken mirror: There’s no bad luck in reusing a mirror that still has a good frame. You can spray-paint the frame, then insert a piece of plastic, foam, or SINTRA with your stickers. Pick a theme like music or add a hodgepodge of stickers. You can then hang it on your wall.

RVs: Stickers for Wherever You May Go

If you have an RV and want to add some personality, bumper stickers can be an excellent spot for your sticker collection. It could include the places you’ve been, where you’re from, or what you love. As long as the stickers are weatherproof, they’ll do just fine. Keep your collection going at every stop you make. 

Display Your Sticker Collection Your Way

These are just a few ideas for displaying sticker collections. If you’re a sticker collector, then just about anything can be your canvas. If you’re looking to expand your collection, you can count on Stickerbeat to deliver high-quality, weatherproof 3M vinyl stickers. Start shopping today!