All About Soap Labels: Branding, Types, and Creative Ideas

The world of soap making is more popular than ever. After all, the world certainly needed a lot more of it in the last year-and-a-half. The soap market represented a global value of over $34 billion in 2019 and is on track to hit over $55 billion in 2027. From large manufacturers to artisans to specialty shops, soap is big business. And with any product, branding and packaging matter, which is why you need high-quality soap labels. 

Why Soap Labels Matter for Your Brand

Soap certainly isn’t a stale market. Consumer demand for specialty soaps with certain ingredients (or free from others) in unique shapes is rising. Soap is certainly not “square” anymore. It’s also become a fast-moving business for entrepreneurs because it doesn’t require a large learning curve. With competition and lots of options for customers, your branding and packaging have the opportunity to make an impact! That’s true for every size company in the space, from startups to large producers. 

By customizing your soap labels, you can visually represent your brand, improve the look of the packaged product, and include essential details. In addition, you can be artistic with your logo, brand colors, and other visuals. 

Types of Soap Labels

The type of label you use depends on your product. Broadly that includes bars of soap or liquid soap in a container. If you sell both, you can use variations for each but ensure they are consistent. These premium labels are waterproof, as we use high-quality 3M graphic vinyl that also includes a special laminate to protect from scratching. 

They also have a permanent adhesive, so your label will stay in place through transit and not react to moist or high-heat environments. 

There are various sizes available from 2x2 to 5x5, but custom sizing is available as well. You’ll need to choose the size that will fit your packaging or bottles. Roll labels come in various shapes as well, including circles, ovals, rectangles, rounded corners, and squares. Die-cut options are available, as well, should you have a unique logo. 

What Should Your Soap Label Include?

The center point of your label will be the name of the product, logo, scent, and any other brand imagery. In most cases, you’ll also want to include the ingredients, which may be a requirement depending on what’s in it and other regulations. At the very least, you do need to label it as soap.

Other ideas include putting your website or social handles so that customers can learn more about your products. You could also promote other products you offer. Finally, there are many creative ways to add something unexpected to your soap label—like adding quotes or jokes. 

Clean Up the Competition with Branded Soap Labels

The first impression customers will have of your soap is the label and packaging. You want to make a substantial impact, and you can do that with custom soap labels. We can help by printing high-quality labels that look and function perfectly. Start shopping now, and your labels will be on their way.