Business Card Magnets: Get Customers Stuck on Your Brand

Are you looking for new ways to stay top of mind for your customers? Then business card magnets are a great option. These custom magnets represent your brand and include how to get in touch with your company. It’s an excellent marketing tool that requires minimal cost or effort on your part. 

Here are some valuable ideas and tips on using business card magnets.

Magnets Are Lightweight, Making Them a Great Insert

If you’re sending out communications to customers or prospects, adding a magnet is a smart move. Most people will gladly slap it on their fridge or other surfaces. They may not necessarily think about it again until they need your product or service. Then it’s there right in front of their eyes. 

Adding this to eCommerce shipments is also an option. It’s a nice personal touch that your customers will appreciate.

Magnets Make an Excellent Leave Behind

If you run a field service business, your technicians visit customers in their homes to fix an issue. When the job is complete, your tech can leave behind a business card magnet. Adding a message on the magnet of how to leave a review for your company is one way to get even more value from this item.

Add a Special Offer

If you’re handing out magnets as a purely promotional activity, then make that magnet worth keeping with a special offer code. Be sure to advise customers how to get the deal and when it expires. 

Get Social with Your Magnets

In addition to your phone number, email, and website, consider adding your social media handles to prompt people to follow you. When someone looks at a message regularly, they’ll be more likely to engage with you online. 

Specifications and More Magnet Information

When ordering magnets, you’ll find there are two options for thickness—20mil or 30mil. The thickness correlates to where you’ll affix them. The thinner magnets are for indoor usage, while the thicker product works on cars. The final product will stick to any metal surface. 

You may also have concerns about the durability of these magnets. Our products are both weatherproof and UV resistant. In addition, the high-quality vinyl and ink we use ensure they won’t fade or wither. You can also clean them with a mild detergent if necessary. 

Business card magnets are available in multiple shapes, including standard ones like circles, ovals, squares, or rectangles. Rounded corners and custom shapes are also available if you have a unique logo. 

For finishing, you have the option of matte or gloss. The typical sizes for this type of magnet are 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4. However, you can customize the size if that is a requirement. 

Spread the Word with Business Card Magnets

There are so many ways to use business card magnets. You also have a variety of options on art, sizes, shape, and more. The finished product is another visual representation of your brand. Order your magnets today from Stickerbeat!