Business Card Magnets Stick Around with Magnetic Messaging Power

Custom business card magnets allow your customers to keep your branding message within visual reach at all times. Whether stuck to a refrigerator, file cabinet or locker, Stickerbeat’s business card magnets are a convenient way to market your business beyond just a boring paper card most people throw away. A magnet is practical and useful, so customers keep them to hold papers and reminders up on their fridge or magnetic board. Your custom business card magnet is sure to be saved to keep marketing to your clients in an ever-present way.

Personalize your business card magnets with your logo, social media details and information on how to contact you. Customers will appreciate the ability to glance at your magnet and reach you quickly. Any business can benefit from handing out business card magnets, including HVAC dealers, hair salons and auto mechanics for starters.

Paper business cards are antiquated and old-fashioned, so up your game with a nifty business card magnet that hangs around with marketing permanence. Stickerbeat’s business card magnets are durable and have a strong magnetic backing that ensures they stay up and don’t slide or fall off. They feature bright inks and can be wiped down thanks to our waterproof vinyl material that is UV resistant and won’t fade. Magnets are a cool way to put your message out there without it being tossed into a junk drawer.

Custom business card magnets promote your brand in an appealing way that isn’t expensive. They can feature any colors you want, and we can really create any size and shape you desire. Go for a classic rectangle shape, or go wild with a totally groovy organic design that is memorable thanks to its unique style. Either way, you are going to get a super professional magnet that puts your message in the hands of your customers.

Creating your custom business card magnets isn’t hard. Just upload your artwork into our handy online tool, and we will check it to make sure everything looks fabulous. We will get you a proof within a few hours, and once you approve it—we get your magnets printed and delivered to you with FREE SHIPPING!

If you are not the artsy or technical type, we won’t leave you hanging. You can work with one of our fun graphic designers who will create a business card magnet for you based on your ideas. Yep, that’s free too! We will keep tweaking your design concept until you are happy with it and are ready to go to print.

Magnet Business Cards Makes Your Brand Look Cool. Period.

Given all the awesome benefits, it really makes sense to gift customers and pals with a business card magnet that delivers your brand in a way that hangs around for a long time.  Magnetic business cards have a lasting power that an ordinary paper business card just doesn’t have. Ours have a luxurious feel that really shows you care what your customers think about your business. Paper cards feel cheap in comparison to a beautiful business card magnet with some weight and a classy feel. In the hands of a customer, a customized business card magnet just makes your business stand out in a sea of boring paper cards. It says, ‘I’m cooler than the rest.’ Let’s get your grooving with elegant business card magnets that keep your company front and center with customers.