Business Logo Stickers: Versatile, Simple Ways to Boost Your Branding

When it comes to branding, nothing makes a statement like business logo stickers. They are incredibly versatile and add a little something extra to packaging, products, and more. Business logo stickers offer a cost-effective way to delight customers and ensure they remember your brand long after their purchase or interaction. 

In this post, we’ll offer creative ways to use them, specifications, and more.

How Can You Use Business Logo Stickers?

There are so many fun and creative applications for business logo stickers. Because they use your branding and colors, these stickers have an immediate impact wherever you stick them. Consider these ideas:

  • Boxes: Whether you are shipping out or box it up in-store, add a logo sticker to the outside to make them more custom.
  • Packaging: If you sell physical items that require packaging, from muffins to coffee-to-go cups to accessories, a logo sticker on the outside makes them uniquely your own. They work on plastic, paper, glass jars, and many other surfaces.
  • Giveaways: Stickers are a great way to reward your fans. Offer them at your physical locations, as well as use them for social media or online promotions. 
  • Trade show promos: In-person events are back, and every attendee will want to Trade show promos collect some goodies from exhibitors. Stickers are a great promo item.
  • Employee welcome kits: Onboard your employees with some swag and include a few stickers inside. 

What Are the Specifications for Business Logo Stickers?

Business logo stickers are made from durable 3M vinyl that’s waterproof and long-lasting. In addition, this superior material has a 3.2mil UV layer to protect from sun damage. It’s also bubble-free, so they adhere smoothly. 

Having such a robust material is especially important if you’re placing them on the exterior of boxes or packaging that may get exposure to the elements. Our high-quality process ensures a product that you’ll be proud to have your logo upon. 

They hold their application well, but if removed, won't leave residue behind. If you place them on a surface temporarily for an event or pop-up shop, you won’t have to worry about marks or damage. 

The sticker can be die-cut to match your exact logo or be a standard shape such as circles, ovals, squares, or rectangles. They are available in a variety of standard sizes, but you can also request a custom size. 

What Kind of Artwork Can You Use for Business Logo Stickers?

You can easily upload your artwork in a variety of formats that have at least 300 dpi. If you have difficulty with your artwork, we have free graphic design services to help. You'll receive online proofs, and we don’t print them until you approve them. It’s that easy!

Order Your Business Logo Stickers Today 

With so many ways to use these stickers for branding, you’ll never run out of ideas. With our high-quality vinyl, options, and great prices, you’ll want to get yours today. So start designing your logo stickers today, and soon they’ll be ready to stick!