Celebrate Business Milestones with Anniversary Stickers

Longevity in any industry is something worth celebrating. It demonstrates to your customers that you’re reliable and experienced. So, you should certainly promote these milestones, such as 10, 25, 50, 75, or even 100 years in business. To complement your communications and commemoration, why not order some anniversary stickers for your business?

business anniversary stickers

It’s cost-effective and physical representation of your brand’s staying power. Anniversary stickers for business marketing bring these special moments to life vividly. Here are some ideas for stickers and labels for business anniversaries.

Incorporate Brand Designs with Unique Touches

With any sticker for your brand, you’ll want it to showcase your company logo, colors, and font. Those are a given but don’t think you have to design just within those guidelines. Consider how you can weave in some unique imagery or phrasing to highlight your business’ anniversary. 

been in business "since" stickers

  • Add a new complementary color to your palette by using it on the year.
  • Insert imagery that includes something local that your community will get excited about.
  • Try a fancy font for the number to stand out.
  • Consider holographic stickers for a fun rainbow effect. 
  • Make your stickers into any shape with die cut options

Distribute Stickers in Numerous Ways

Depending on your business type, you may or may not have a customer-facing location. If you do, you can tuck these stickers into every bag. If you ship out products, include one in every shipment. You can also give these away at events to celebrate your anniversary or anything you attend during the year. Another idea is to send your most loyal customers a special note thanking them for helping you achieve this milestone with a sticker enclosed. 

celebratory business anniversary stickers

There are so many marketing ideas for anniversary labels. Because you can use them for an entire year, be sure to purchase a large quantity.

Make Sure Your Business Anniversary Stickers Are High-Quality

Since these labels are so important to your brand and image, you don’t want to contend with defective, low-quality products. Instead, you’ll want to seek high-quality stickers worthy of your brand. 

date established stickers

Our sticker production process is industry-leading and includes: 

  • Using 3M vinyl, which is premium and durable. 
  • UV laminate of 3.2-mil. (gloss or matte) to protect the label from fading or scratching, so these stickers will last, no matter where they land. 
  • 2-mil. thick block out bubble free adhesive, which is permanent, so stickers won’t curl up but do not leave any residue after removal.
  • Easy application with 3M silicon-backed backing liners.
  • Epson 3M UltraChrome ink keeps colors vibrant and fade-free for up to five years. 
  • Waterproof attributes so stickers don’t disintegrate due to moisture—you can even run these through a dishwasher!

Order Your Business Anniversary Stickers from Stickerbeat

Along with quality materials and production practices, you’ll also appreciate our competitive pricing and fast turnarounds. You can upload any type of art and pick any shape from standard rectangles to die cut. Most orders ship within three days of your art approval with no rush or shipping charges. 

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Make this year one to remember with anniversary stickers from Stickerbeat! Start shopping now