Construction Labels Enhance Workplace Safety, Track Assets, and Identify Materials

Labels are a necessity for all kinds of materials and surfaces. They provide many benefits in a variety of settings, from identification to even enhancing safety. Construction labels are a category that is unique in the market. In this industry, the types of labels you need are different from other applications. If your company relies on labels for construction materials, you’ll want to know about the materials, options, uses, and more.

What Are Construction Labels?

Construction labels describe a subset of labels that adhere to materials, such as wood, brick, stone, and cement. Beyond material labeling, construction sites may use them on tools, machinery, and safety equipment like hard hats. 

They often include barcodes for scanning to track materials. Additionally, they may contain information with instructions and warnings to support a safe worksite. 

These labels need to be able to adhere to substrates that aren’t always smooth. They also need to be weatherproof and resistant to moisture, as materials are often out in the open. These labels should be durable enough not to fade or fail during weather conditions, whether it's extreme heat or rain. Further, you’ll want a product that doesn’t leave anything behind when removed. 

Custom Labels for Construction

For those in the construction industry that need specific types of labels, you can create them to meet your requirements. Custom labels for construction can include:

  • Specific barcodes that help track inventory used in projects.
  • Safety information about how to handle the material or operate machinery. These reminders can help prevent accidents. 
  • Descriptions of what the material is or consists of to ensure proper installation and usage. For example, a job may require many types of tiles, so labeling where it goes can minimize mistakes and errors. 

You can design your own construction labels using your internal resources then upload them to a professional label printer for production. You can even include elements like a brand logo or other icon. In these situations, a die cut label works best because it can be in any shape.

How to Buy Construction Labels for Multiple Applications

As noted, these labels often adhere to a variety of surfaces. When ordering construction labels, you’ll need to determine the applications that are part of your workflows. You’ll likely need various types of labels for specific surfaces and use cases. 

Construction Labels for Bricks and Stone Products

Bricks and stone products have rough, uneven surfaces. You can’t just place a general sticker or label on these, as they’ll quickly fall off. Instead, you’ll need a custom label made for this purpose. You can use these for barcodes, descriptive information like the SKU, and any other pertinent information that would support safety and keeping the worksite organized.

Construction Labels for Wood

You can also buy construction labels for lumber products. They include a strong adhesive that can easily cling to the unique surface of wood. Wood is almost always going to reside at a job site with minimal coverage. Thus, these labels must be waterproof and able to handle a wide temperature range without failing. 

Construction Labels for Tools

Another popular application for construction labels is for tool identification. Tools are expensive and, when lost, can cost you time and money. An identification label with a barcode can assist with asset management.

Tools go through a lot of wear and tear because of constant usage. They also come in contact with substances and sometimes require high-pressure cleaning. Not just any label is going to stand up in these situations. The type of label to buy for tools should be weather-resistant, have strong adhesion, and laminated covering so that it doesn’t begin to fade. 

Construction Labels for Machinery

Construction sites include lots of expensive, heavy-duty equipment. Labeling it can provide you benefits in several ways. 

First, it’s a way to track the assets. For example, you can use barcodes to “check-in” equipment from the field or when it’s moved. 

Second, it can display important safety messages about using the equipment that defines any warnings. 

Third, it can be an identifier as to what organization owns the equipment. Job sites include lots of contractors, and they may use similar equipment, which helps avoid any confusion.

Labels for Safety Equipment

Most all workers on a project will have a variety of safety equipment they wear, including hard hats and vests. You can use these in many ways. 

Hard hat labels

  • Create labels with your company’s logo so that your team looks professional.
  • Use labels to identify the size or type of hard hat.
  • Include a barcode to track your inventory of hard hats.



    The Options for Custom Construction Labels

    When selecting labels, you’ll want to know about all the options regarding shape, size, and color.

    You can choose from many shapes, including circleovalrectanglesquare, and rounded corners. If you want to do something more custom, die cut is available and can offer any shape.

    The size you pick will relate to its placement. Most labels for materials, tools, and safety equipment will be a few inches. For machinery, you’ll likely want to opt for something larger. Be sure to measure certain areas where you want to apply the labels before you determine the size and shape.

    You have the option of ordering construction labels in full color, which you’ll appreciate if you want to add your logo. However, if the label is purely for transactional applications, then black ink is the most common. 

    Design and Order Construction Labels from Stickerbeat

    Many companies choose Stickerbeat to produce their construction labels. Here’s what makes our products a leader in the industry:

    • We use 3M vinyl, which is of the highest quality and includes a 3.2-mil block-out bubble-free adhesive. It’s permanent, but you can remove it without leaving behind residue.
    • All labels have a lamination layer and can be gloss or matte. It protects it from fading and scratches.
    • All stickers have a backing liner coated with silicon. The decal removes smoothly from the liner.
    • We use Epson 3M UltraChrome GS3 ink to ensure that the colors stay vibrant even when exposed to the elements. 
    • Our labels are all waterproof with a five-year life expectancy. 
    • Ordering is easy. All you need to do is decide on the shape and size. You’ll then upload your art, which we’ll review to send you a final proof. Once approved, we start printing your labels. 
    • Our turnaround time is industry-leading, typically around three days. 
    • Shipping is always free.
    • We offer discounts and promotions to customers regularly. 

    We look forward to delivering a great product for your company. Start shopping today for your custom construction labels.