Custom Helmet Stickers Offer Function, Promotion, and Expression

Helmets play an essential role in keeping wearers safe. They also provide an opportunity to highlight your brand, show off your personality, or designate your team with custom helmet stickers. There are numerous reasons why you’d want to use helmet stickers, and we’ll cover those in this post. Then, we’ll discuss materials, design options, and more to consider when choosing the best stickers.

So Many Reasons Your Helmets Need Stickers

Why put a sticker on your helmet? The better question is why not! They can be functional, promotional, or be a means of creative expression. 

In a functional capacity, these stickers might designate the type of helmet. This is useful for job sites that may have different kinds of helmets. They also serve as a designation. In most cases, this application is for sports. For example, the helmet may have the player’s number or possibly their country for international games. 

Another functional aspect is the use of reflective stickers. For bike riders at night, reflectivity makes it more visible, enhancing their safety.

A helmet sticker is also one more way to market your brand. Adding a company logo to helmets used for site visits or that employees must wear every day in certain environments is another way to boost brand recognition. 

The last bucket of applications concerns creative expression. Individuals use helmets every day while bike riding, mountain climbing, motorcycle cruising, and horseback riding. Adding a decal on the helmet that expresses personality can be fun, especially for kids that dread putting one on for activities. 

In a team setting, you can also make helmets unique for players. Beyond logos or numbers, each player could add something special just to them. It becomes much more than a helmet that they have to wear; it becomes part of their team spirit. 

What Type of Sticker Material Is Best for Helmets?

Because helmets are subject to the elements and often see wear and tear, the material needs to be durable. A thick vinyl sticker is necessary for such an application. We use 3M graphic vinyl exclusively on our stickers because it delivers exceptional quality and resilience.

With such a stable material, our stickers are waterproofweatherproof, UV-resistant, and prevent most scratching. 

What Are the Options for Helmet Stickers?

There’s really no limitation on the design you’d like to use on your sticker helmets. There are multiple options for the shape of the sticker, including circle, rectangle, oval, rounded edges, or square. 

Once you decide on the shape, you’ll determine the size, which can be standard or custom. You can select between a gloss or matte finish or use a special type of sticker like reflective or holographic

When it comes to art for your sticker, you have the freedom to be creative. Use a logo, mascot, font, characters, or more. It’s entirely up to you. Then you receive a proof to approve, and the job goes to production. If you’re unsure about how to design your stickers, our graphic designers can help you develop a sticker helmet that fits your needs at no additional cost.

Order Your Custom Helmet Stickers from the Pros at Stickerbeat

Our material, options, process, and affordability make us a great choice for helmet stickers. Start designing your sticker today and add a creative spark to those basic helmets.