Custom Sticker Sheets: Multiple Stickers All One Page! Explore the Possibilities

Stickers are a unique and creative way to add personality or branding to anything. You can customize stickers to include your colors, designs, logos, and more. Customer sticker sheets are often the best option when the need arises to produce multiple kinds of stickers. 

custom sticker sheets

When creating custom stickers for your company, event, scrapbooking, or sticker store, you often have numerous designs. Instead of ordering each one individually, you can get multiple sticker designs on one sheet. Custom sticker sheets offer an easy and cost-effective way to order premium vinyl stickers. 

In this post, we’ll provide information on how these products are made, how to use them, and what to look for to ensure you receive the best quality. 

What Are Custom Sticker Sheets?

A custom sticker sheet is a standard 8.5 x 11-inch sheet (or any custom size of your choosing) of vinyl stickers that you can mix and match. The page can include numerous designs that fit within the page, either with a gloss or matte finish. These stickers are kiss cut, which means the sticker part is cut precisely with special blades in the shape of the design. They peel off from the page with ease and can be any outline you desire. 

One of the coolest things about these sticker sheets is how versatile they are in terms of what you put on the sheet. It can be a random combination or something that looks like a packaged sticker selection. You can have just as much fun designing the sticker sheet layout as the stickers themselves. 

When to Use Custom Stickers Sheets

There are many reasons to opt for custom sticker sheets for your sticker needs. From logos to illustrations to icons, you’ll find sticker sheets to be an excellent option for creativity. Since stickers can range in shape and size, there are really no limitations. 

Here are some ideas based on our customer orders:

  • Stickers for teachers: Teachers often use stickers as a way to recognize students. They are also a great component for games and crafts. Teachers can order a combination of celebration and activity stickers on one sheet.
  • Scrapbooking stickers: Scrapbooking is a favorite pastime. While you can purchase many standard labels from craft stores, custom sticker sheets let you personalize these to reflect your family, business, or event. They’ll be a great addition to these books of memories.
  • Stickers for sale: Lots of local businesses, especially those in cities with lots of tourism, sell stickers as part of their merchandise. You can create custom stickers that promote your brand and city that will be the perfect souvenir. 
  • Bakery stickers and labels: Need a variety of stickers for your homemade baked goods? A custom sticker sheet can fit them all on one page.
  • Tattoo artist stickers: Original art from tattoo artists make great custom stickers. They are a terrific way to spotlight talent and promote a business. Tattoo shop owners can give these out to their clients to share with others.
  • Stickers for birthdays, weddings, and other events: Stickers make a great addition to gift bags provided to celebration attendees. For birthdays, create custom stickers for the honoree that align with the party’s theme. Wedding sticker sheets can commemorate the date and even include caricatures of the bride and groom. 
  • Other product labels: A custom sticker sheet may be the best option if you need a variety of labels for products you sell. Each item may require a different sticker, depending on what it is. Additionally, you may have a logo sticker that goes on all merchandise. Printing these on one sheet can save time and money. 

custom sticker sheets for holidays

With so many fun and creative applications, custom sticker sheets are an excellent option for sticker lovers. So, what makes a high-quality sticker? 

High-Quality Custom Sticker Sheets Must-Haves

Not all sticker producers offer high-quality stickers. Some take shortcuts on the material, laminate, and ink. These are the things to look for when considering stickers. 

3M Vinyl Is the Best

3M vinyl is the top-of-the-line sticker material. It’s strong and not flimsy. With multiple layers, you can be sure that these stickers will last. A 3.2-mil. thick block out bubble free adhesive means these stickers stay stuck. They also remove from the silicon-coated backing liner quickly. However, when you want to remove them, you’ll gently pull them, and no residue stays behind. 

This material is also waterproof, so stickers won’t peel or disintegrate if in contact with moisture. It won’t affect the bond even if water seeps between the sticker and surface. Generally, 3M vinyl has a five-year expectancy. 

Protective Laminate Keeps Stickers in Perfect Condition

Each sticker also has a laminate overlay as protection from scratches. It’s a 3.2-mil. UV layer that’s gloss or matte, which also keeps colors from fading. 

custom sticker sheets 

Special Ink Has Staying Power

The ink used in sticker printing is just as critical as the vinyl. We use Epson 3M UltraChrome GS3 ink, a co-branded solution. It’s weatherproof, even when exposed to direct sun or moisture, keeping colors vibrant and vivid for years to come. 

How Do You Order Custom Sticker Sheets?

The process starts by choosing the size of your page. Then you upload your art for the sheet. The size and shape of each sticker will determine how many get fit on the page. You then select the type of finish and complete your purchase. You’ll receive a digital proof of your custom sticker sheet to approve. Post-approval, production on your stickers begins. 

custom sticker sheets combined with die cut stickers

Stickerbeat Is Your Destination for Custom Sticker Sheets

When it comes to custom sticker sheets, you’ll love what Stickerbeat has to offer. We use the best quality materials, make ordering easy, and offer excellent pricing. Ordering sticker sheets from us is fast, and we typically have a three-day turnaround after proof approval. You’ll never pay for shipping, and we’ll always work to deliver on your expectations. 

Get started today by shopping for custom sticker sheets